Rejoice because of God

Rejoice because of God

Psalm 37:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Our first reaction when getting a big gift is rejoice. We rejoice as if only we are luckiest person in the world. We do not care about things that smelled "death" bit at that time. When we rejoice, there is a life force that makes our step lives successful .. Rejoice is an extraordinary thing.Therefore for many times we hear a lot of successful motivator recommend to have rejoice every day.And sure that a lot of successful people begin His success with "rejoice".

The Bible notes that the importance of the "rejoice" is in our lives.

Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

But before heading to the sentence, then we will see that in the book of psalms 37 has started with recommendations to us not to envy and anger to the person whose life is a success due to cheating. Psalmist seems trapped in a situation or environment of people like that.

37:1 Of David. Do not be angry because people who do evil, do not envy the people who cheat;

As human beings who have never lived apart from a problem, we often experience things that make our rejoice extinguished. Perhaps we had fooled, we also must have been ill or may be wrong in choosing a product. But the biblical encourages us to rejoice in that situation. This is something strange? It is impossible because our true joy can emerge if we have problems.When there is a problem then obviously we have to think to solve the problem. Rejoice time is over and replaced with a serious time. This raises a question, what is meant by "Delight thyself also in the Lord?"

When referring to The Bible then rejoice is based on the 2 things, namely:
1. Rejoice based on the World
2. Rejoice based on God

Rejoice based on the world is based on world things. Like get a material reward but forget to give thanks to God or it could be because of something as innocent as getting money from the fraud, etc.. Rejoice because of the world is temporary because of something that is not eternal world and can run out. The world does not know God and the His children (1 John 3:1). So that when we rejoice to the world there will be no thanksgiving to God. The rejoice can turn into hatred, envy and arrogance that often is. Remember that the world is ruled by the devil. So that the direction of the rejoice that is the destruction of man himself. For example, if we often rejoice in the debauchery then surely our lives surely be destroyed. Destroyed by free sex or drugs, destroyed also because we became lazy etc.. Another example is if we are happy to have the prize money so much but we do not recognize that it is a blessing of God then our tendency is to spend money easily or ambition to get something bigger. Of course it will make us forget ourselves and sin will soon control our lives.

Rejoice based on God is based for rejoice because God's blessing. Every day we can breathe, we can eat and drink, we also can speak, hear, or walk it all the blessings and grace of God. But the important thing is we live and breathe and be able to enjoy the presence of God then it is a blessing and a beautiful gift. Of this there is no reason for us not to rejoice. God always devote real blessing every day. But sometimes that our views are often focused on the problem. Though our lives may have a lot of debt, even we can to eat and sleep maybe we're sick. But if we direct our hearts to rejoice because God the God's work will soon happen in our lives.

say that :

Jesus love me
Jesus care everything about You
Jesus save me
Jesus saved my life

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