Relationship advise please.



Relationship advise please.

Hi all. My name is Tom, iam 23 years old and in a bit of a sticky situation.

Iam not christan but have been in a relationship with a christian girl now for 9 months and iam very much in love with her and happy being with her but we have recently gone on a break to try and find out what we both want. The main reason behind this is because of church and her belives. I have never from day one had an issue with her being christian or her belives.

She told me that she would like me to start going to church with her and iam not 100% sure that i want to go to church. She told me that she would like me to be apart of her relationship with god. I personaly dont know how that is possible. I have told her that iam willing to try and learn more about what she means and have open minded disscusions with her about it but she would still like me to go and sit in church with her, i didnt have to do anything just sit there and support her. Now i didnt see that as a good compromise and any point to it as i will have been made to go instead of going myself.

Iam open minded about going to church but when iam ready not to be made to go. Our relationship apart from this sticky situation is great we get on well and enjoy each others company. I love her and want this relationship but at the moment not getting anywhere.

Any advise will be greatfully recevied and helpful.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.