Relationship Processes

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Relationship Processes

Meaning/initiative is the intent of purpose by reasoning.
Reconciliation is the formation of the meaning's purpose.
Creation is the purpose of the meaning/initiative through the reconciliation formation.
Teaching is for the explanation of the purpose.
Guidance is for the purpose of the teaching.
Choice is for the exception or denial of the purpose.
Destination is the result of the choice.

Relationship if formed when parties have a common purpose and by their meaning/initiative they reason together to form a relationship by bonding common intentions together.
These common intentions are reconciled by the Meaning/initiative into the reconciliation process formulating a binding bond relationship which is the new creation between the parties.
Teaching comes from understanding each others attributes this process is called attribution. It is said only once you get to know a person their true colours will prevail. Nobody wants to be attributed by the other partner in a relationship that's why attribution needs to reasoned with empathy. Nobody is perfect. Except God alone through Lord Jesus Christ then it is a blessing to be attributed by the holy spirit.
Guidance is respecting the attributions learn t from each other.
Choice is respecting each other attributions with empathy or not respecting each others attributions
Destination the outcome of choice.

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