Reminder to All Members

As you post in the forum either as a reply or starting a thread We All need to Realize that even if we feel we said something good or explained it well Does Not mean everyone else understood what you said.

As one of my Pastors says
I am going to say it so many different ways that you will get it.

With that said......
Please refrain from quick retorts or coming back in a reply harshly against another When in fact it is probably that You Simply Did Not Understand what was being said.

Some times in a reply many things will be talked about From the entire thread as well as what was said in a quote and or reply.

Please re-read what was said and be 100 percent sure before you accuse some one of accusing you of anything.

These type of replies can be taken harshly and cause other harsh remarks which Will end up with violations of forum polices and cause points, temp bans and possibly permanent bans.

None of us have reached perfection in Christ so none of us are above correction or always 100 percent correct.

We All need to Think before we post.

Thank you and have a very joyful time here in CFS.
God Bless