Remove Dust.


Set Free!

Remove Dust.

Just a friendly
reminder to clean out the 'dust' inside of
your pc [towers] harddrives once a month
with 'air-in'a can'. 'Dust-Off' is a good brand.

The dust build-up causes the fan to run hotter
also the processor I've been told.

Also the keyboards now and then. :-D

God Bless!

Your brother in Christ,
I used to do that, like once in 3-4 months. :-D I also short circuit one of my old computers during such an attempt. I was a lil kid that time.
If you have an air purifier it might help to stick it by the computer (or the room where you comp's in)... less likely of getting [as much] dust in that case. Also, there's other ways to keep dust out (homemade solutions; or some fans come with their own filters, but aren't fool-proof)

In my case, my dad smokes, but my computer is in my room (I try to keep the door shut... but you know - they say tobacco smoke travels through walls)
I don't leave that computer on often enough to have adverse effects on the insides, though (if it were outside my room it probably would be caked in 2nd hand smoke residue)... Case in point: smoking is also bad for your electronics too.

Too bad, though - I don't have an air purifier in my room yet :fish:
What good advice set free- I just finished changing the power suppy on my youngest sons pc and I noticed the heat sink on his micro-processor was completly clogged with dust. I don't think it would have gone much farther without causing a problem.