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For the past couple of months, The Father has been helping me to go deeper in Him, and to rid some very heavy weights from my life. Ones that cause some huge hindrances.

The biggest issue involves thoughts of judgement. I have discovered that judgement goes very deep and is basically forming any kind of negative opinion about anyone. Those opinions can cause all kinds of emotions; such as anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, ect…

The Father is also helping me to see that judging also causes hurt feelings and bitterness or strife between spouses. We don’t really and honestly know what’s in their hearts and if we make a judgement call or form an opinion about their doing something wrong… it usually causes us to be offended by them, which pulls us out of walking in love with them, and caused us to get angry or maybe have or use a harsh tone in responding to them.

It’s the enemy who puts these thoughts in our minds. And we have to make a decision to react off of them or not. I’ve come to realize that all of the negative thoughts that come to my mind are really not my thoughts… they are lies whispered in my ear by the little low ranking imp that is assigned to try to catch me without my shield of faith up. Thus working to trip me up. Getting me to judge or form a negative opinion… so that I will get judged. And all of it leads to one action… giving the devil an open door to mess with or harass me or to bring some kind of evil, a weapon formed against me to steal, kill or destroy something in my life. To rob me of blessings, health and provision.

The other thing that is whispered in our ears are things that may have happened in the past, but had been forgiven. The enemy desires for us to get over into unforgiveness so that he can rob us. Because he knows that when we are walking in unforgiveness… We are not walking in love as we have been commanded by Jesus to do. And when one is not walking in love the enemy knows that our faith does not work… For faith works by love (Galatians 5:6).

Friends the enemy is out to wreak havoc in our lives in any way he can. One good thing is that the more we know about his tricks or the ways he attacks us… We can be ready with our shields up and the rest of our armour on. Defeating him with the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word.

The biggest action that we can take to stop any attack or any fiery dart is to take those thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5), and making them obedient to the Word. So that means when we have a thought of past hurts or any lies like someone thinks this way or that about us… that is when we have to choose to refuse to think them. Realizing they are not our thoughts and just the enemy going about looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). The enemy cannot work any kind of destruction in our lives without our permission. That’s why the Bible says MAY devour.

If we have chosen to make Jesus Lord of our lives… We have a new spirit. And if we are choosing to walk by the leading of the Holy Spirit… then all the negativity is not ours… Its the enemy trying to make us believe it is ours. Our spirits have born again with the same Holy Spirit as Jesus had. As Peter says… born again of incorruptible seed. And in Romans 5:5 it says that God’s love had been poured out (shed abroad) into our hearts (inner man, spirit) when we were first born again. So if we received The Fathers love into our hearts (and we know that God does not lie), then any negative thought is not from us. For our spirits are full of love.

Now don’t get me wrong… not all of the ugliness in our minds is from the enemy… For we can (by not choosing to walk, act or receive thoughts) develop a caloused heart. Which is a stubbornness or resistance to love. We have made the choice to not respond in love when the Holy Spirit prompted us to. And thus we have created friction, or resistance, which cause the callus, just like if we had one on our hand, from doing things like yard work or something.

Hey but there is good news… the more we make the choice to submit to love… even if it’s just by renewing our minds to the love that God deposited within, us at first (because the Word is alive and active (has the abity to make itself come to pass)and as Philippians 2:13 says… Its the Father who dwells within us Who gives us the power and desire to do what pleases Him. And love pleases the Father…. the more the heart becomes tender towards reacting or displaying love. If we have allowed ourselves to become callused, there is hope… it just takes a little time and submission to our Lord’s command. We make the choice to humble ourselves to Fathers ways, as He has spoken in His Word.

Hope this helps and blesses you all as it has me. Till next time.

Blessings of grace, favor and peace be yours in abundance
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Wonderful timing on this post... (I was actually going to post something very smiilar.)
When any kind of negative, wicked, or lustful thought enters our mind, we have two options...
1. Cast them out, thus turning them into a temptation that was resisted.
2. Dwell on them, entertain them, and allow them to come between us and God.

Allowing ourselves to entertain such thoughts is the difference between a temptation resisted, and sinning in our hearts, (as in lust, coveting, envy, etc.)

Your post is excellently worded... great advice. Along with "taking those thoughts captive", it is also good to remember...

Philippians 4:8
“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”
These posts are so heavy theologically that I feel guilty when I read them, because they should be studied. I agree with AtomicSnowflake that it was excellently worded, if I'm qualified to acknowledge that truth. I noticed it when I read it. To me your post was like a seed that grew in me to point where I was thinking about forgiveness, and I knew immediately that the thought was planted in me from your post. I was brought up in a culture where forgiveness is regarded as a weakness, and nobody was thinking, let alone meditating on the Word of God.

Nothing in my opinion to feel guilty about. For Father has good timing, and when He knows your ready to receive something, He will direct you to where you can find it. And because we all have His Spirit within us... it resonates as truth.

I take no glory for having written it... I am just the typist.. lol :) He is the one who deserves all the glory, for without Him I have no wisdom or anything that is well written.

Some of the credit also goes to the person who receives it as truth, because they are following their spirit, who is being directed by the Holy Spirit. And only the Spirit within them can recognize what He has spoken through another person.

I too have grown up in a similar environment. Many that I know held onto unforgiveness, which has caused them a lot of health problems or even early death by their own hand. And all of it was brought on by listening to the lies of the enemy. Forgiveness is not only essential towards others, but also towards ourselves, and receiving it directly from the throne room.

We all can potentially learn from one another if we choose to listen to where the Holy Spirit is leading us.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm blessed to know that something the Holy Spirit wrote through me has been planted and is already growing to produce freedom from any lies, traps, burdens or prisons that we end up helping the enemy put us in. Its the burden removing, yoke destroying anointing speaking directly to you, to set you free and take you to a deeper level in Christ.

He loves you so much!
Thank you for following the spirits leading to come here to this forum. Its really is great to have you Here!

May the Blessings and favor of our Father surround you like a shield, come upon you and overtake you
You know that old saying you can leed a horse to water but you can't make Him drink. .....
Well The Father Loves us so very much and He will leed us to Spiritual Food He knows we need.......However He is not going to force feed us. .... nope we have to want to eat and then be Faithful enough to eat....

So if guilt or any other downgrading thought is found in you......take it captive and cast it's our enemy working to starve your Spirit man.