Reproducing Christlike Character

Reproducing Christlike Character

Reproducing Christlike Character

Matthew 7:15-23, 12:33

A believer's life and an un
believer's life should look different. God has a great deal to say about the distinctions between the two and He uses an important metaphor: fruit. The fruit of the Spirit refer to the outward signs of a believer's transformation from sinner to saint.

Our fruit is made up of our actions and attitudes. If we confess to be Christians, but our conduct communicates otherwise, people will believe what they see. When our behavior do not align with what we profess, then our works are meaningless.

We cannot make our life and our works match without the aid of the Holy Spirit. Some people may appear successful to those who do not know them well. But simply performing in Jesus' name is not enough. Fruit is the outward expression that we are true followers of Christ; the inward proof is the presence of the Holy Spirit, who comes to us when we receive salvation. Jesus' own ministry was carried out by the power of the Holy Spirit within Him. When Jesus was accused of casting out demons through Beelzebub, He told His critics He performed the miracle by the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 12:28).

When we are walking with Jesus Christ and relying upon the Holy Spirit in us, we will have a different lifestyle than the rest of the world. Suppose someone asked one of your unbelieving friends, "What is a Christian supposed to look like?" Would your friend point to you and say, "A Christian looks just like that"?
Rev.Rick, I truly enjoyed that.
It is very true that professing to be a Christian with our lips is not enough!

Our Christianity bears fruit through our words, our attitudes, our humility, our mannerisms, all of our actions.......

The Holy Ghost will give us virtue in Christ's favor.

Thank you!

Thank you,
Its funny but my wife says"If I hear you say 'Fruitful Christian' one more time I am gonna Gag!"
She says that I mention it in every sermon and prayer I just feel that it is so important that I guess she'll just have to gag!:D
LOL! I think there are certain things we hold just a little closer to our hearts at times....
And truthfully, fruit bearing is everything a Christian is all about! You can't go much deeper to the core than that!

Thank you Pastor Rick and God Bless you.

"What is a Christian supposed to look like?" Would your friend point to you and say, "A Christian looks just like that"?

I am so trusting that an unbeliever would say that of me. Because like you said by our shall know them And it so true. I know people who say they are Christian and sit in church at the front and they are the laudest with their praises and then during the week their lives are the opposite. Some one said to me ..... Yah .... they are Christian in name only.