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Human ashes have been sprinkled into the sky from airplanes and spread over the ocean from ships. But according to the Associated Press, Brian Kelly had something more glorious in mind.

In July 1994 Kelly, who lived in suburban Detroit, suffered complications from surgery on his intestines. Knowing he was soon to die, Kelly told his family what he wanted done with his remains. His request was unusual, but his family granted it.

Kelly's boss, Mary McCavit, at Independence Professional Fireworks shop in Osseo, Michigan, rolled up Kelly's ashes in a twelve-inch round fireworks shell. On Friday, August 12 at a convention of fireworks technicians near Pittsburgh, they shot that shell into the sky. It trailed two silvery comet tails as it ascended into the night sky, and then it exploded into red and green stars.

If you want to go out in a glorious display, you have to admit, that is pretty spectacular.

But that's nothing compared to the glory that God intends for the bodies of those who believe in Jesus Christ. The glory of our resurrection bodies will far surpass that four-second arc of light and color. Instead of a cannon report, there will be the awesome blare of the trumpet of God and the majestic voice of Jesus calling our bodies from the graves. In glorious resurrection bodies like that of Jesus Christ himself, we will ascend into the clouds and meet the King of Kings whose brightness is like the lightning shining from east to west. For ever and ever, Jesus said, we will "shine like the sun in the kingdom" of our Father.

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Matt. 13:43; 1 Cor. 15:35-57; 1 John 3:2