Return of The King [story]

Return of The King [story]

Two friends had just got done watching an movie and where walking home and as they walked home one of them spoke."So tell me what did you think of the movie?" One of the friends was an christian and he spoke."It was alright but Hollywood can't accurately Portray , my Lord and savoir." the friend lifted his eyebrow."What you mean?" The christian smiled."Well, the bible says things very different on how things will be and how Jesus will judge those in attendance, i mean what we saw was Hollywood saying."Jesus is going to comeback and everything is going to be all sunshine and daisy's" But in fact that is an small lie things won't be alright for those who don't believe and who don't fallow God's universal law"

The one friend replied"Oh come on the bible says Jesus loves me and he even pardon the one women who the Hebrews where going to stone."

The christian replies."The bible also says that my God is also justice meaning,he is going to judge those according to his laws equally and according to their works.

Jesus won't let sin go unpunished and those who broken God's laws openly, they done this twice in the past and twice God has punished them."

The friend replied."You mean with the biblical flood of noah and with the destruction Sodom?" The christian nod his head yes and spoke in reply."Yes, and this time it will be the final time and the ultimate victory over this sinful world where sin will be no more and Jesus will reign supreme."

The friend tilted his head."So what will happen to those who didn't obey and keep his laws?" The christian looked away."you tell me you break an law then the judge sentence you what you think happens?" The friend replies."I will be taken to jail to serve my sentence." The christian nods and replies."The price of sin is death, but thankfully you won't have to serve it because Jesus has paid it all with his death on the cross."

The friend responds."Well when will Jesus return?" The christian shrugs."don't know but iam commanded to keep villigent and watch and obey my God's Laws." The friend shrugged."Well if you you don't know then i don't see no harm in waiting , i mean his coming could not be for another few centires or so. The christian eyes go wide as he speaks."You don't know that as well as everyone else, that is another lie thinking you have time when in fact you don't have any time in fact your time is very limited here on earth cause you could be dead or worse Christ could come sometime in the night then you won't have anymore time to repent."

The friend ask"well how do i ask for repentance?" The christian responds." You need to first of all admit to God in prayer that you are an sinner and ask him to forgive you, then admit that you believe that he sent his Son Jesus Christ to be born of virgin then to die on the cross for your sins then rose again the third day."

The friend smirked."Thats it?" The christian nod his head yes."Thats it simple and sweet.,but you may have to go to your local church to be baptized."

The friend smiled."Well with that logic i can ask any time i want." and with that the friend walked away just then an sound went off as he walked away and when he looked back and up in the sky he saw.

rev 22:12

moral: When Christ knocks open the door because it is your hour to come before him.

footnotes: Its my birthday but i decided to honor Jesus instead of being honored,(plus i kinda celebrated yesterday when we arrived at our new house dad has gone back to get our stuff today so he'd been absent. )
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