Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen

Written in accordance with Genesis 1:1-3:8
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Revenge of the Fallen
by Christopher Kitchings

The war was not long at all. The angels led by Lucifer were quickly put down as God's angels raged against them in defense of The Kingdom. Nothing softened the fall as each disgraced angel impacted the cold ground and sent dirt and dust soaring through the air, accompanied by immense craters in the rock and soil below them. This was a dark place. An atmosphere that burned the skin and the pain of broken bones and torn apart wings drove the weakest to madness instantaneously. Those who bore the unimaginable pain until it subsided were soon to become looked upon as warriors, leaders of those that fell closest to them. Only one retained his grace-like beauty. Though he did not know it at the time, he would go on to use this to a certain advantage in an attempt to exact revenge against his nemesis.

Time had no measure in this endless hell. The darkness and heat removed any lingering sense of purpose and pushed them far beyond the brink of insanity. They had truly become demons. Now they followed only their leader that caused them this torment and it would be he that gave them a new life. Their harsh home made them survivors, cunning and creative as they adapted to their environment.

Eternity seemed only breaths away. The whispers from the fall had long ago transformed into screams of insanity, pain, and rage. Almost all had forgotten how, why, and how had sent them here save one who was clinging to an obsessive vengeance against God and everything that was His. He sat in his makeshift kingdom thinking, plotting, waiting for the chance. Then came something that removed all former thoughts or ideas. Everything was dark then suddenly there was a blinding light. Demons scattered every way finding the darkness that still existed wherever it may have been. An eternity of darkness had made them weak against this long-forgotten power such that even Lucifer himself had to shield his eyes.

Next came a sharp drop in the level of heat that had burned away at the skin of the fallen. The wind felt like freezing rain against their heated and hardened exterior. Soon after came a rush of water, vast and born or air. Then from the water came land followed by dense, green vegetation. Then there was darkness once more only it wasn’t as dark as before and there was a great silver light in the sky. When light came again, the demons found that the light was called day and the darkness was called night. The demons looked up and saw that there were winged creatures soaring, flying back and forth across the sky, from tree to tree, and from branch to branch. When the demons gazed upon the sea, they saw creatures that looked winged but featherless that jumped out of the blue expanse. Amongst the trees animals, as they were found to be called, roamed free.

Confusion was everywhere among the demons. For the first time, they were frightened and made themselves invisible to the sight of all that had been created. There was only one who knew what was happening and who was causing it. Lucifer gathered his inner circle and told them that he was going to Eden, though they didn’t know where it was. Lucifer knew. He had been waiting an eternity for this and he was not going to miss such a glorious opportunity to defy God.

Lucifer arrived in Eden to find a man and a woman, both naked and both easily recognizable as God’s creation because of how they looked so much like Him. He knew that they would be his targets. Now all he needed was a means to use them to get his revenge. As he was walking through the Garden, he came across a tree that gave him an indescribable feeling. He looked at the tree’s fruit and saw how appealing it was to the eye and immediately knew that this would be how he would come to ruin the humans.

Lucifer took the form of a snake and when he saw Eve and Adam coming, he asked them about the fruit. When Eve told him that God had instructed them not to eat the fruit, he told them that the only reason He said that was because He knew that whoever ate it would be “like God” and have knowledge of good and evil. Eve thought about it and decided the snake was right and ate it. She then convinced Adam to eat a piece too. Satan watched with evil delight as Adam and Eve slowly realized that they were naked and hid from each other. They had made loin cloths from fig leaves but when they heard God walking through the Garden searching for them, they again hid themselves. He was furious when He found them. Satan was on his way back to his kingdom, not realizing the magnitude of what he had done. He created sin.