My lesson for the Grumpy Old Men's class this week begins with Genesis 1 and the lesson this week is on the God that speaks. Right off the bat, as I began to study, an alarm went off. As a U.S. Army Soldier, I represented the United States of America, everywhere I went in the world. I was a paid ambassador for my nation, people, state and family. As a Christ follower, I am His ambassador representing Him, His Father, the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The text for the teachers study includes the passage, “...a God who speaks.” As God's Ambassador, it is very important the things I say. But, because we, as Christians, are on display and closely observed, how we say a thing is also, extremely, important, in my opinion. In this world, there are hundreds and perhaps, thousands of gods and in this day of Electronic Speak I repeatedly observe the lose of reverence for God.

Predominately young people will type for the world to see, “...worship god...” and then, as I attempt to gently chide and encourage the use of the capital letter as a form of reverence, my generation and, not so much today, the previous generation jump me for legalism. The danger for legalism is so very, very, possible here that, as I'm trying to point out here, we must be so careful with, not only what we say nut, how we say it also.

It is a personal thing with me that is, no doubt, ingrained but my dad taught me that what you do in secret is who you are! For example, when I search for things I can recall are in the Bible, I will type everything, proper names included, in the lower case except God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Bible. In much the same manor, if I tell you my dad's name is Howard, I will not type it howard, that's disrespectful, and he has passed and can never see what I do now! On the other hand, God can and He does see everything all of us do.

This “a God” thing, God is not a god, nor is He a God, He is the God that speaks and the irreverence we teach and just let slides must cause His heart to ache... it dies mine!
I agree Bill.

Even at my age, If I did not say SIR and MAMN to those I speak to, I am afraid my grandfather would come ot of his grave and beat half to heaven.

RESPECT is a lost grace in the generation coming up today. Anyone who doubts what we say, simply read over some of the posts on this very web site to seem the level of DISRESPECT shown.
I understand were you are coming from Bill. I'm not sure that it is a reverence thing, though you and I and Major would tend to see it that way. I think that in this age of Ipads and galaxy android things where the younger set text away all day long, a lot of the finer points of the English language have gone by the board. There are so many shortcuts and so many mnemonics in use that the tendency to slur over sound Grammar has taken hold. But I do understand your point and I too would like to see an overt reverence of God as is His due.
To Bill, I agree whole heartedly. To Major, I at times actually get thrown off when I call a person sir or ma'am and they tell me not to because I'm older then them (usually happens with civilian workers). To Calvin, I also agree with you.

Bill said it best, we worship and praise God, not god.
I, likewise, understand what your saying but! Because of, in my opinion, the Seeker Friendly and other soft movements within the Church today, the truth is not being taught. If, and when, a person is saved they are indwelt with and by the Holy Spirit. If a person never does anything other than to meditate (contemplate) on this one point, it is unavoidable to conclude anything less than that God will be with you under any circumstance you can or will find yourself involved with in the future.

Although men, unlike women, compartmentalize things, that is impossible with God. Every single movement of the Saved Man's life must glorify God. Now I will seem to contradict myself but this is important. I do not know the extent that the parable of the Wedding Feast (Matt. 22) plays into this but I do believe that I, personally, want no part of being a guest at the wedding. These, not all, young people might be saved, I don't know but I have every reason to try to teach them to do better because of the evidence. Jesus said we will know them by their fruits and again He said that a good tree does not bear bad fruit.

In the Army there were men that would refuse to honor men like Major because it did not suit their upbringing. These men were given Article 15's, Courts Martials and Prison Terms with Dishonorable Discharges because of their lack of respect, low level reverence. As it is with Major's station having nothing to do with, neither, their nor my opinion but their station demanded and demands my and other's respect. Now, without my saying more, carry this forward to the King of all creation, please.