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As Christmas 1996 approaches, the Kingston Technology Corporation of Orange County, California, informed its 523 employees they would soon receive and extra special Christmas bonus.
Having started in the owner's garage in 1987, Kingston Technology, like many high-tech companies, had experienced explosive growth, to the point where it now was the world's largest supplier of add-on memory boards for personal computers. And each year since the company had begun with just a handful of employees, the owners had followed a generous policy of giving 10 percent of the annual profits to its workers.
Well, in 1996 another company bought Kingston Technology for 1.5 billion. The arrangement called for Kingston's owners to retain control of their company, and they decided to carry on generosity as usual: they gave 10 percent of a billion or so dollars to their employees as a Christmas bonus!
With the bonus computed on the basis of seniority and performance, that meant the average employee would receive $75,000, and the highest bonuses could reach $300,000.
This story had only one downside. When it hit the national news, Kingston Technology was besieged by a flurry of applications for employment, but alas they were not hiring.
The decision makers at Kingston Technology believed in giving lavish rewards to their workers. So does God. At the final judgment, the Christmas bonuses of this company will look like peanuts compared to the heavenly rewards God will shower upon those who have served him in this life. What's more, anyone who is willing is hired.

Heaven, Judgment Day, Treasures in Heaven
Matt. 6:19-21; 10:40-42; 25:14; 14:30; Eph. 6:8; Rev. 22:12
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