Sabbath 1/17/2015 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon Deoxyribonucleic-Remove Not Thy Neighb

Sabbath 1/17/2015 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon Deoxyribonucleic-Remove Not Thy Neighbor’s Landmark Deut. 19:14, Deut. 27:17, Prov. 22:28

This is Seventh Day Baptist Heritage Week. I want you to draw a circle in the middle of your paper and write down what I tell you. Now most of the gospel is history but please don’t go to sleep because I said history. Boundaries are very important, in football as well as in life. Landmarks are boundaries and we know they are important. Boundaries are important to parents and their children. Curfews for time to be home and to not watch TV until homework is done, are some of them. Boundary markers are important in land development too.
Today we want to look at the DNA (deoxyribonucleic) of the SDB in the 1650’s because the life and death of a group are found in its beginning functions and how it came together. We, as Seventh Day Baptist, came out of Puritan, English Congregationalist, and Anabaptist people from London, England. We came from people, Believers that thought the church should be pure and not a State church. Write Believers at the top of your circle. We have a personal faith that Jesus is our Lord. Nobody forces anybody to come to our church. People are to volunteer to be Believers and come to our church.
We, as Seventh Day Baptist, are congregationalists. Congregationalism means we believe Jesus is Head of the church and we want God’s will for the church. Back in the 1650’s, women did not get to speak in church business meetings. They spoke to their husbands when they got home. The Believers sought the face of God. Write down New Light on your paper. We, SDBs, were always looking for new light and studied the scriptures for it. Once we found it, we would do it. This is why the early Seventh Day Baptist church worshipped on the Sabbath Day once they found the truth in the scriptures.
Write the Kingdom on your paper. We, the Seventh Day Baptist, are people of the Kingdom - God’s Kingdom! We are to find out what God wants us to do for Him in our present age and time. In the 1600’s, there were people in London who wanted to destroy the King of England to make way for the coming of God’s Kingdom. These were the bad guys. Then there was those who did not want to do this and these were the good guys. The SDB’s were the good guys. They also believed the Sabbath was to be lived out in our lives if we were to be true to the boundaries written in the scriptures. The Sabbath Day rest is a commandment of God which is to be obeyed.
The Seventh Day Baptist decided to keep the Sabbath of God while still being under Grace and not under the Law or being legalistic. There was and is dynamic tension in the church, but we need to keep the heritage of being a Believer’s church. We should do so because we are in the Lord Jesus Christ. We should thank God for this look at the past and say this is who we are as a people. We are Believers in God and in His Son, Jesus the Christ.