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Sabbath 10/13/18 First Hopkinton Seventh Day Baptist Ashaway,RI Pastor Dave sermon “Sincere Love”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 10/13/18 First Hopkinton Seventh Day Baptist Ashaway,RI Pastor Dave sermon “Sincere Love” Romans 12:9-21

Love is supposed to be sincere. Love must be sincere. It’s supposed to be real and genuine. Actual thoughts and actual actions. People are good at being polite, shake your hand and still hate you. People are shaking your hand while in their mind they are kicking your shins. There is quiet fake affection and there is gushing fake affection.

Sincere Love is not about faking concern for someone who has got a need. People will express fake concern for someone and say they are worried about them but then do nothing to help them. They don’t even pray for them. Sincere Love is not looking away from someone in need and pretending you don’t see them. Also, sincere Love is not when you don’t tell someone the truth that they are wrong. This is not sincere Love. We should tell them they are wrong and when we don’t tell them, we could be loving them right to Hell.

Love must be sincere. We are to hate that which is evil and cling to that which is good. We should watch out for each other in brotherly Love. Brotherly Love is not always a pat on the back. We should be faithful in prayer, share with people that are in need and be joyful in the Lord. Be hospitable and look out for people. Hospitability can be hard but it is part of sincere Love.

We need to pray for people inside the Body and outside the Body of Christ. We should bless those who persecute us and don’t reward evil for evil. Don’t take revenge because God will take vengeance on them Himself. Our text says, if at all possible live at peace with ALL men. Love all people, even our enemies. Don’t yell at them or curse them but be respectful to your enemies. It’s hard to not get caught up in the fight but there is a higher calling on us to show Love and respect. Don’t be hateful or spiteful to our enemies. Don’t have insincere or fake Love for people because as Christians, we cannot lose sight of Love.

We must remember that those with different agendas are still people like you and me. We should stand up as Christians and actually Love people no matter what our disagreements are about. They are still humans and they are still a person that God made. We must separate the “mudslinging” from the fact that they are people made by God. Someone needs to stop the circle of hate our world is in. We need pure sincere Love. We should overcome evil with good. Life is too short to be in anything but Love. God is Love and we should show Love to people also. It is not our job to avenge everything for God. He will take care of that Himself! God’s Love has and will wash over a multitude of sins. A multitude!

You say Pastor this is a great sermon but how do I Love someone when I can’t stand them and don’t feel Love for them? I tell you to ask God to help you to change your heart toward that person. Let God do it! Let God change you! You cannot have sincere Love until you have the Love of God in you. Ask God to help you and God will help you.

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Dec 19, 2014
New Zealand
Yes fake affection is quite obvious, have encountered when someone asks for prayer but someone else says I'm not going to pray for you because what you asking for is stupid. And then proceeds to argue about what they are wanting to pray about. ???! Um...does it matter?

Let it go, just pray! God will answer the combined prayers His way, not ours. If we already knew the answer, we wouldnt bother praying. The holy spirit will help us to pray so its not like He will forget anything.