Sabbath 10/24/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “God So Loved the World Always”

Sabbath 10/24/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “God So Loved the World Always” Phil 4:4-8

How do you respond to life’s circumstances-patient or grouchy? Are you grateful for what you have or envious of people who have more than you? How do you respond when IRS sends you a letter about $1,000.00 tax refund due you? Are you grateful for the money or angry because you didn’t get $10,000.00? How do you respond to life’s situations, are you grateful, patient or grouchy? When your football team wins with one touchdown, are you happy or complaining because they didn’t win with two touchdowns? People are usually grateful when life goes right. When life goes wrong, we need to still respond with gratitude to God. In EVERYTHING…. give thanks to God!

*Three Perspectives about the Gift of Gratitude God Gives*
Release the Past by Receiving or Giving Forgiveness: God’s peace shall be ours. This peace of God which passeth all understanding, shall keep our hearts and minds thru Christ Jesus. In certain matters there is always a prisoner, either the one needing forgiveness or the one withholding forgiveness. As long as you don’t forgive then who or whatever it is will occupy rent-free space in your mind. Jesus paid the price that we might have gratitude and forgiveness in our lives.

Experience the Present by Exercising Joy: Thank the Lord for life when we are in difficult times. Take your scars and turn them into stars. Rejoice in the Lord Always! Again I say rejoice always! Always try to be full of joy. Gratitude comes by exercising joy in all circumstances. Don’t worry about anything. Talk to God about everything and ask Him for what you need. Be thankful for what little bit you have.

See the Future by Pursuing Hope: We ought to be grateful. Being grateful will equip us to see the future by pursuing hope. God is on our side and there is hope for us. God is near and on our side and will show up at any minute. God has a plan, a future for us, so be grateful for what you are going through because it is leading you to a better future. Have Hope! We are to fill our minds with God’s great stuff. Verse 8 it is truth, honesty, justice, purity and virtue. Think on things that are worthy of praise. Think good thoughts.

Release the past by giving and receiving forgiveness. Experience the present by exercising joy in Jesus. See the future by pursuing hope because we know that God is on our side. He has a great future for us. Rejoice in the Lord always and be grateful. Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS and again I say REJOICE!