Sabbath 10/25/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon Where Are You Walking?

Sabbath 10/25/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon Where Are You Walking? Joshua 1:1-3

God is God and there is no one else. God wants us to have a vison and see what God is doing. Look around us and see what God has for us to do. God calls us to tread, to walk. Where are you walking? In our text, Moses was dead. Joshua was standing on the shoulders of Moses. We can say that we stand upon the shoulders of those before us. Joshua was to go on in the Lord and keep on moving. Our Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist church started in 1833 and it stands on the shoulders of its former leaders and pastors. Moses is dead but Joshua has a heritage to stand on.

Joshua was transitioned into leadership. We need to be transitioning people into leadership too. Joshua was one of the two good spies that went out to spy on the promise land. Joshua and Caleb. They came back saying God was on their side and that they should go in and take the land. Joshua was also the one who led the battle on the day that the sun stood still for them. God came to speak to Joshua directly. For us, we believe each scripture that we read. The scripture will and does come alive for us. God tells Joshua that he is going to lead the people over the Jordan River. The vision of Moses would now be the vision of Joshua.

Our church started with a vision for the ordinary people that wanted to worship God. The gospel is free for everybody to hear and live. The vision of God in the past should be the vision we have today. Joshua had to get up and walk through the land to get it. He couldn’t just stop and sit. Even when we are tired, we need to keep on walking for the Lord if we want to possess the land. Sometimes we may have a hard time crawling out of bed on Sabbath morning to get to church. Or sometimes we may just get tired of sharing the gospel, but we must continue on.

God told Joshua to see the vison. See the promise given to Abraham. Walk, just Walk! Every place your foot treads on, will be yours. Just walk in the Lord and see the promises fulfilled in Jesus’s name!