Sabbath 10/29/16 Pastor Appreciation Day-Minister Larry sermon “Supremacy or Service”

Sabbath 10/29/16 Pastor Appreciation Day-Minister Larry sermon “Supremacy or Service” Luke 10:1-20

Vs. 20: The most important thing is that your names are written in Heaven.

Jesus has sent the 12 disciples plus 70 more workers to do preach the gospel. They had performed many signs and wonders. Jesus had sent them ahead to the cities He would visit later. Jesus said for them to pray because the harvest was plenty but the laborers few. He told them to pray that God would send more people to help. Jesus sent them to heal the sick and preach the gospel to souls that needed to hear the word of God.

When the disciples came back, they rejoiced more about the fact that the demons were subject to them in the name of Jesus. Jesus said for them to rejoice because they were citizens of Heaven. He wanted them to focus on the right thing. Their job was to preach gospel. He said for them to go preach the gospel and this is what we are to do too. We are to carry the good news of Jesus Christ. Don’t focus on the devil fighting against us. Don’t give the devil the attention he wants. Focus on the preaching of the Word.

We need to do the same and focus on the preaching of the Word. Focus on the positives and not the negatives. Don’t focus on the devil and what he’s doing to oppose us. Focus on the mission that God has for us to do. We are on a mission to establish the Word of God, not to fight demons! Our job is to carry the gospel, not to fight demons. We know that demons will always be there but our job is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we share the gospel, we must let men know that God has not left them. When we do this, we gain brothers and sisters in Christ. The will of God is that we gain souls for the kingdom. When we share the gospel, we know that we have a reward. Our reward is that we have a place in Heaven with God. Jesus said for us to let our light shine before men that they see Christ in us. We need them to remember Jesus and not us. Let our light shine that men will see Christ in our life.

We should want God to use us for His mission. We should be serving so they see Jesus in us. Don’t be going around trying to have men serve you and treat you as a great person. We are to be servants of Christ that want to help the needy and poor. We should never try to exalt ourselves but instead we are to exalt Jesus Christ and God the Father! We should always be there inviting people to come to Christ. Don’t work for recognition but work for God! God will welcome us into Heaven because we are servants of Christ. Choose to be a servant of the Most High God! Hallelujah!!