Sabbath 11/1/14 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon Vision-How to Keep It.

Sabbath 11/1/14 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon Vision-How to Keep It. Exodus 14:10-14

We are still in our Vision series and two week ago, we talked about Vison-see what God is doing. Then last week Vision-treading, walking and doing to possess. This week we need to look at the issues that stop us from getting and gaining our vision. We all know about the Israelites and the Egyptians chasing them to the Red Sea from the movie the Ten Commandments. Some of the issues that can stop our vision are:
  1. We Must Realize that God’s People Have Enemies:
    Christians will always have enemies. Sometimes it is the system or people up in our face. They may say “So you are a Christian, huh?” We must learn to deal with the enemies of Christians. We should not fear or get frightened but trust God. Hold on to the vision God has given you.
  2. The Blame Game:
    Don’t play the blame game. This game goes back to Genesis when Adam blamed Eve for eating the fruit and Eve blamed the snake for tricking her. The snake had nobody to blame. The Israelites blamed Moses for them being boxed in with the Red Sea on one side and the Egyptians on the other side. The blame game stops the vision.
  3. We Replay the Golden Days of the Past in Our Minds:
    Stop thinking of the past and dwelling on it. Many times our memories are incorrect because our mind plays tricks. The Israelites wanted to go back to Egypt because they forgot how bad it was. They just remembered the good things and not the slavery that they were in.
The solution is in verses 13 and 14:
  1. Do not Fear:
    Fear comes from Satan so do not fear but trust God. God does not give us a mind of fear. Grow in Faith and know that it is God who provides for us.
  2. Stand By-Stand Out of the Way:
    See the Lord do His thing. Wait on God to do His plan instead of doing our own plan. This is because God’s plan is always better.
  3. See God Do Great Things for Us:
    Wait and see that the Lord does come. See our salvation.
  4. Be Silent-Shut Up:
    Moses was basically telling the Children of Israel to shut up and stop whining! God is in charge and He will take care of it all.
God had given us a vision. We need to trust God, stand by and see what the Lord will do! God WILL take care of you! He WILL take care of you!