Sabbath 12/2/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith sermon “One Simple Rule”

Sabbath 12/2/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith sermon “One Simple Rule” I Kings 11:1-13

Good fathers want to protect their children and God wanted to protect King Solomon. This is why God told him not to marry women of foreign nations who worshipped false gods and idols. God had blessed Solomon with a nation that was now at peace. Solomon was given many riches and he talked to God directly and not thru a prophet like his father David had done. God also gave Solomon great wisdom. Solomon has a close relationship with God. Why then did this wise Solomon leave God and follow other gods and idols?

1) Solomon got arrogant.

He was king. He though he could do what he wanted so he married foreign wives and worshipped their gods. Solomon thought that since he was king, he was strong enough to not be swayed by other gods and idols. Solomon thought God’s rules applied to other people and not to him.

2) Solomon spent time with the wrong type of people.

He hung out with sinners, idolaters etc. Solomon picked up their bad habits and got influenced by them. You will start to look at God the same way the sinners you are hanging out with do. Solomon turned his back on God.

Exodus 20 says don’t bow down to other gods or idols and God will show his love to us and bless us. Christians that fear God, love God and keep his commandments are under an umbrella of God’s protection and blessings. This is an umbrella of Faith. You should take your relationship with God seriously! Then you will be under an umbrella of Faith, Protection and Blessing from God the Father and the Creator.