Sabbath 12/27/14 Alfred Station SDB church Pastor Ken sermon Grace upon Grace

Sabbath 12/27/14 Alfred Station SDB church Pastor Ken sermon Grace upon Grace John 1:14-16

The mystery of Christian Faith is that it is what it is! It is Real! The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is a mystery too but it is Real! In our text, John said “we saw His Glory”. This means they stared and watched every move Jesus made. Just like little babies will stare at one adult, the disciples stared and watched Jesus. John said they beheld the glory of Jesus, the only begotten of God. God gave His begotten son. Jesus is the Word, He was with God and was God. Jesus in not a little God. When you have the Son, you have life. You cannot have the Son unless you have the Father. You cannot have the Father unless you have the Son.

Verse 15. John the Baptist said that He who comes after me, came before me. Yes John was six months older than Jesus in the flesh but Jesus pre-existed with God from the beginning of Creation. This is how Jesus came before John the Baptist. Then there is in the text, that we receive the fullness of Jesus Christ. John saw Jesus’s glory, he saw Jesus’ miracles and heard God say “this is my Son”. The fullness leaked out and the fullness is now given to everyone that will receive Jesus. We need to come to understand this, that we have the fullness of Christ Jesus. We are full of Him. He that is Our Redeemer.

The last of the text says we have Grace for Grace. When we really receive an invited guest into our home, they get into our inner section, into our kitchen for a cup of coffee. Grace upon Grace does not stand outside our door. Grace upon Grace enters into our soul-our inner kitchen. God’s Grace never runs out. His Grace never runs out! It is Grace upon Grace. God gives Grace so don’t you walk around saying “poor me, poor me”! The Grace is there and it runs like a river. The question is, will you just stand on the river bank or jump into the river of Grace? God’s Grace is there, it is ours. God has given Grace to us and we can freely take of it.