Sabbath 2/25/17 Seventh Day Baptist of Edgewater, FL Pastor Keith’s sermon ‘Start Following Through

Sabbath 2/25/17 Seventh Day Baptist of Edgewater, FL Pastor Keith’s sermon ‘Start Following Through” Ephesian 5:15-17, Ecclesiastes 3:1-15, Proverbs 6:6-11

“Be wise and understand the will of the Lord”

Let’s say your banker called and somebody who loves you is going to make a daily deposit of 86,400 pennies into your bank account. The thing is that you must spend it each day. This is $864.00 a day and $315,000 a year. Someone who loves your very much (God) has made a deposit into your Time bank. Each day is given to us by the Lord. How do we spend this time? We are all given the same amount of time. God gives to us equal shares of time. God does not play favorites.

The word “time” is used in many of the phrases that we use in our conversations. What time is it? Don’t waste your time. Time is of the essence…etc… etc. Taking someone else’s time and wasting it is called “an abuse of time”. We always say we are sorry about being late. It would be great if we stopped procrastinating and followed through. Take care of things today. The “Thief” lives to steal your time! Stop putting off things that you know you need to do. If you see something is broken and needs to be fixed then fix it immediately.

Eccles. 3:1-15 To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under the Heavens. Verse 1-9: There are 14 things that there is a time for. Verse 11: God has made everything Beautiful. Verse 13: It is the gift of God that men should enjoy their eating and drinking. Verse 14: Whatever God does is FOREVER!! Verse 15: God requires an account from us of how we spend our time.

In our text in Ephesian, we are to be careful about how we live. We are to live as the wise and not as the unwise. Don’t ignore reality or procrastinate any longer! If you are making the same mistake over and over again, it is not a mistake but a bad habit! Stop ignoring the reality but be wise. Learn from the mistake and correct it. We never need more time to do the Will of God because God has “orchestrated” time. Another hour is not what we need. We need to make better use of the time God has given us. Jesus was on earth for only 3 ½ years but He made good use of His time and completed His mission.

Prov. 6:6-11 Be like the ant and stay on task. No one needs to push the ant to do his work. The ant refuses to slumber when there is work to be done. Ants work and stay busy all the time doing their tasks. Ants are always busy and you never see them sitting around talking. Consider the ways of the ants.

Change from a foolish lifestyle to a wise lifestyle.

  1. Set Priorities:

    The most important things need to be dealt with first.

  2. Stop making excuses:

    Get busy and do what needs to be done.

  3. Stay realistic:

    Understand it is a process and don’t expect to get it all done in one day.

  4. Start Today:

    Start right away and get it done. It’s never too late and it is NEVER too early to start a relationship with God.
Demons always come up with new ideas to keep us from God. They tell us there is no real hurry to get with God. That a Lie! Jesus is coming back soon! Don’t be foolish but understand the Lord’s will. Read the Word of God and redeem the time because we need to use our time wisely.