Sabbath 3/11/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater FL Pastor John sermon“7 Qualities of a Positive Church

Sabbath 3/11/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater FL, Pastor John sermon “7 Qualities of a Positive Church” Phil 2:1-16

Negative people have lots of space around them because people don’t want to be near them. Some churches are negative just like these people are. We need to be a positive church in the community. In our text Paul is saying to be likeminded, have the same love and to look out for the interest of others. Be like Jesus and be humble and obedient to God. Do things without murmuring, complaining or disputing. Be children of God so that we may shine like lights in this crooked world.

In our text, the city of the Philippians had been taken over by the Romans and the people made Roman citizens. Paul and Luke went to the riverside and preached the gospel to the people. Later on the church was formed in the city of the Philippians. The church was formed by people who were prepared to serve God. Paul wanted the church to be positive and stand up for Jesus.

**** 7 Qualities of a Positive Church ****

  1. Be a Unified Church: We are unified thru the love that God has placed in us and the desire to share the gospel.

  2. Be an Unselfish Church: It should be about “what’s in it for ALL of us” and not just “what’s in it for me”.

  3. Have a Servant Attitude: Ask people what can your church do for them as well as asking what you can do for the church. Think of the servant minded people you have known. They were busy helping others and looking for how they could bless others.

  4. Be a Humble Church: Humility allows us to be servants and to be unselfish. The world confuses humility with weakness. Humility is a quality that pleases the Lord. We should have humility as an individual and as a church. Jesus was humble and had a servant’s attitude. When Jesus went to wash the disciple’s feet, He said he who wants to be great must be a servant to all.

  5. Work Out our Salvation in Fear and Trembling: We should understand the value God has for us. We need to know that we are of great value to God.

  6. Be a Pleasant Church: Don’t grumble and dispute but be pleasant.

    I Peter 2:1-2 - Lay aside all malice and hypocrisies and evil speaking. Just say “Jesus loves us this we know for the Bible tells us so”. Psalm 34:8 – Taste and see that the Lord is good. The Bible says blessed is the man that trusts in Him. Don’t be a “sour” Christian that was baptized in vinegar.

  7. Be an Attractive Church: The word attractive doesn’t just mean being pretty on the outside. To attract means to draw someone in. The church should attract pieces of the family of God. Pretty is as pretty does. Our primary purpose it to attract other people to Jesus Christ. We are to help people understand the Love of God that had Him send His Son to save us.