Sabbath 3/21/15 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon “The Boy from Nain”

Sabbath 3/21/15 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon “The Boy from Nain” Luke 7:11-17

In our text, Jesus is on tour like rock bands go on tour. Jesus is on a Kingdom tour. He is going from city to city. Jesus is walking with his Posse-the disciples and his Groupies -the large crowd. The groupies are following him because they want to see what He will do next. At the city of Nain there is a dead man being carried out in a funeral. The mother is a widow who lost her husband and now her son. She will have to rely on other family/friends to feed her or she will have to go begging. Jesus appeared just at the right time! He was not too early and not too late. Sometimes we think Jesus is being late for us but He comes at the right time for us too.

A dead person does not talk. A dead person does not walk. A dead person does not hear. A dead person whether male or female can’t do anything. The man in the coffin could do nothing for himself. We were the same way before we got with Jesus and God. We could do nothing for ourselves. In our text, Jesus decided to show the Kingdom Power.

  1. Jesus Had Compassion:
    Jesus showed compassion for the widow who was weeping. He had compassion for her circumstances.

  2. Jesus Told Her to Stop Weeping:
    At the funerals we go to, everybody is always crying. It is good to get it out of your system. Imagine someone telling us to stop crying at a funeral. The message from Jesus could have been, “Weeping is for the night and Joy is in the morning”. Jesus was saying, “I am here, stop weeping”.

  3. Jesus Tells the Dead Man to Arise:
    Jesus tell them to stop the coffin. He touched the coffin with the dead man in it. Jesus tells the dead man to get up! The coffin bearers probably thought Jesus was crazy. Then the dead man sat up and spoke. One coffin bearer probably fainted, the other one ran away and another one said “This is cool!” When the dead man sat up, Jesus took him out of the coffin and gave the son back to his mother. The mother’s cries changed because she was now crying because her son was given back to her.

    The crowd of people began to glorify God for what Jesus had done. They said God was among them and that He had visited his people. The people were changed and were in awe of the Power of God. The news spread fast all over the city because God had visited his people. After each church service, each of us should say God had visited us too. Jesus met death at Nain and Jesus won! Jesus gave life! He raised the man from the dead! We too can see the Power of God’s Kingdom. We too can experience the Power of God!!