Sabbath 5/20/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Minister Linda sermon “Spiritual Maturity”

Sabbath 5/20/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Minister Linda sermon “Spiritual Maturity” Hebrews 6:1-12

Our Spiritual Maturity is in constant need of studying the Bible and Prayer. To be spiritually mature, one needs to have spiritual growth. We should be probing and digging deeper into the God’s Word so we know what He wants us to do. Do we feed ourselves with spiritual food? Can we open the Bible and get right into the Word? Or….do we need to spiritually fed by a pastor. When we get to Heaven and God asks us something that we don’t know, we cannot say our pastor didn’t teach us about it!!

In our text, solid food is for the mature…for those who by constant use have trained themselves. As Christians we are called to eat the Word of God and move forward in our spiritual lives. God is pleased when we spiritually grow.

Spiritual Growth is very important because it helps us to:

1. Not stray away.

2. Not lead others to stray.

3. Aide our brothers/sisters who are spiritually immature.

Marks of Spiritual Maturity:

1) Discernment: We can tell the good from the evil. We should not be infants in the Word of God. We are able to discern false teachings and be able to defend our Faith.

2) Perseverance: We can keep the Faith and stand firm in times of trouble.

3) Humility: We desire to continually grow spiritually. We don’t think we made it there yet. We keep pressing on toward our goal to grow spiritually.

4) We go beyond to help the body of believers: We help build up others in the body of believers. We should support and help build up the less spiritually mature Christians. Be willing to help our fellow brothers/sisters.

It is the responsibility of every believer to read the Word of God. Read it to understand God’s ways, God’s commandments and the path He has for us to follow Him. We need to read the Word of God so we know the Will of God for our lives.