Sabbath 6/16/18 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith sermon “Duct Tape”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 6/16/18 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith sermon “Duct Tape” I Timothy 2:14

Every man knows that if you want something loosed, use WD-40. If you want something stuck or tight, use duct tape. There are many ways to use duct tape to fix things. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and there are things that fathers may need to fix or change about themselves.

F = Faithful = Fathers should be faithful to God first. Then be faithful to their wife and to their children.

A = Anchor = Fathers should be an anchor to his family and friends. He should be a steady, steadfast anchor to his family. The father is to be the spiritual leader in the family. Instead, many men let their wife teach the children bible lessons. They let the mother take the children to church bible study while, the father stays home and watches the game on TV. This is not how it’s supposed to be. The father is to be the spiritual leader in the family.

T = Teacher = Fathers should teach the way to go and set an example to the family. Practice what you teach. Let children see you make the tough decisions. Bring them up in the training and instructions of the Lord.

H = Hard worker = Fathers should provide for their families: shelter, food and the mental/emotional needs for their wife and children.

E = Elastic = In this world there are many troubles. There are times when a father will be stretched. Fathers need to be like elastic so they can stretch to the situations. Give and take. Being flexible.

R = Respectable = Fathers should be pleasing to God and respected by men. They need to be respected by God, their family and the community.

So…. a father should be faithful, an anchor, a teacher, a hard worker, elastic and respectable. He should be pleasing to God and respectable to men. We should not let ourselves be exposed to negative influences so we lose our duct tape abilities as fathers.

Dec 19, 2014
New Zealand
I remember when I went wwoofing and sometimes stayed with christian families. I noticed the fathers always prayed and said grace at mealtimes, and they would lead the bible study. And they would take their children to church. And they also taught their children how to do things - practical things.

Sadly my unbelieving dad doesnt do any of this. I mean I dont have the worst dad, but I didnt have any role model either.
I cant really change my dad, but am thankful that he has a place for me under his roof although it was kind of fought for tooth and nail.

Maybe we can pray binding and loosing prayers for our dads to come closer to the Lord using duct tape and wd-40 or in my country, CRC.