Sabbath 6/20/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “The Landmine of Fear”

Sabbath 6/20/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “The Landmine of Fear” Isaiah 41:8-13

Have you considered how your emotions effect your life? Love influences our feelings and behavior. The same is true of fear. It influences our thoughts, conduct and physical health. Fear can hold us back from what God wants for us. Our fears may be hidden and that makes them more dangerous. God is more powerful than any fears our mind can imagine. In verse 10, God says not to fear because He will hold us with his right hand. God says to be strong because He is with us. The Bible says a cheerful heart is good medicine. We should not have fear. Ephesians 1:3 Praise God who has blessed us with spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. Our God will meet all our needs. In Hebrews, God said He will never leave us or forsake us. We are never left to stand alone. God is always there with us. Don’t Fear!!!

The six most common fears people have are:

  1. Fear of poverty 2 Fear of death 3. Fear of sickness
4. Fear of old age 5. Fear of criticism 6. Fear of the loss of loved ones

Some fears are wise to have like a protective fear and the Fear of the Lord. We are to honor the Holy God whom we worship. We are not to deal with God like He is a toy for our pleasure! We are to have honor and have exaltation for the Holy God.

The negative fears that we have can enslave us. We need to be strong and know that God is with us. Fear should not hold us in its grip. God gave us promises so that we don’t have to fear. Fear is damaging and we can’t do God’s will. Our worries block our spiritual growth. This does not honor God in the least. Our anxiety is a way of saying that we do not think that God can protect us. Fear doesn’t fit the life of a Child of God! The fears we have, should be handled quickly by remembering God’s promise that He will handle ALL things for our good!!

Fear can come from sins we do or things we have been taught. Fear can come from doubt of God or ignorance of God’s Word. We must dwell on God’s Word and on His promises. God Said It and That Settles It!!!! The anxious person is afraid to take risks and will be scared to do any adventure God has prepared for them. They will miss out on blessings. They will be doubtful of themselves. Fear will dominate and will become a landmine that destroys their desires. You only get true freedom when you give control of your life to God. Let Go and Let God!! How do we get rid of enslaving fear? First we must step out on Faith. We must trust in the Power of God. Take your eyes off the problem and look at God instead. God will set us free!

Isaiah 64:4 God says He will free us from the landmine of fear. We must seek God thru his Word and trust him to set us free. Why worry when you can pray? Trust in Jesus and He will lead the way. Understand that the Lord is with us and beside us as every moment. God loves us and promised to be with us. He says to not fear because He will help us and uphold us with his right hand. God will strengthen and help us always. ALWAYS!!!

This is our wonderful heritage as a Child of God. Embrace this and embrace God. Don’t miss the wonderful things that God has for us. Don’t miss out on things because you are in the bondage of fear. God promised that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us!! God wants us to proclaim our Faith and Confidence in Him. God wants to bless us.