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Sabbath 6/30/18 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon “Hey, Change Your Ways”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 6/30/18 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon “Hey, Change Your Ways” Ephesians 2:1-7

In this text, Paul talks in one long sentence and everything is connected. He says at one point in time we were dead. Now here’s the question, have any of you here ever been dead and buried? If you have, please raise your hand. Nobody? That’s amazing. So when this text is talking about dead, it’s not talking about physical death. The death it is talking about is spiritual death that is a separation from God. Adam & Even in the garden had a spiritual death the day they ate the fruit and were separated from God.

We used to be spiritually dead in our trespasses and sins. These trespasses and sins are ours, not the person’s sitting next to you. Scripture says it’s our own trespasses and sin. It’s not mama’s or daddy’s trespasses and sins. It’s yours. We also walk around in our trespasses and sins. We like to do trespasses and sin. We know what right and wrong is but we say “oh it’s nice over here in this sin and isn’t it great”. I love to take the cookie when Mama said not to take the cookie. I do trespasses and I do sins. We walk according to the ways of this world. Apostle James says if we walk according to the course of this world, we are an enemy of God. We are spiritually dead when we walk the ways of this world. And we are an enemy of God. Jesus put it a different way when he was talking about material stuff. Jesus said you cannot serve God and mammon.

You cannot serve God and things of this world because you are walking according to the course of the world. You used to be dead but now you are alive so you don’t continue to walk in the ways of the world. In the past you used to walk according to the prince and power of the air. Not now but then you did. Prince of air is another word for Satan or devil. He is called this because even though he lost the war, he continues to battle. The air is right near us and so is the devil! The air around us has good angels, bad angels and demons. Just because we can’t see them we must believe that they are real. Before people were converted by Jesus, the devil had a way for people to walk. Back then you were spiritually dead but you are not dead anymore. You are alive! We should not be walking or listening to the prince of the air, the devil. When he comes to us, he will say things that sound pretty good. This is how Satan approached Jesus too. In Luke chapter 4, Jesus was fasting forty days and got hungry. Satan tried to tempt Jesus and Jesus quoted scriptures to the devil. Jesus said man does not live by bread alone but by the Word of God. Jesus said don’t tempt or test God. Jesus said man should worship God alone and Him only shall you serve.

Also, we used to be children of wrath because of when Adam sinned. In Adam all people died and the wrath of God is on all of us. It’s on all mankind because of the original sin of Adam & Eve. This was passed on to us. In Romans chapter 5 it says the wrath of God was upon us but because of the Cross of Jesus, the guilt of Adam’s sin in not upon us anymore. The guilt is there because we did trespasses and sins and liked to do them. We did them knowing that they were wrong. The Good News is that those who know Jesus Christ are not dead anymore but are alive!! We are converted, we know Jesus and we have the Holy Spirit in us!!