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Sabbath 8/11/18 Seventh Day Baptist Alfred Station NY Pastor Ken sermon “Take Down That Wall”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 8/11/18 Seventh Day Baptist Alfred Station NY Pastor Ken sermon “Take Down That Wall” Ephesians 2:11-14

In our text, Paul is talking about the spiritual wall that is already torn down in Jesus. This is the wall between Jews and Gentiles. They were also called the circumcised and uncircumcised. Paul says they were formerly Gentile or Jewish in the flesh but now are one in Christ because the wall is torn down. You are Jewish in the flesh if your mama was Jewish. If your mama was not Jewish then you are a Gentile. We here are all Gentles in the flesh. Paul says that we formerly were Gentiles separated from the commonwealth of Israel But now because we are in Christ, adopted by God into the family of God and Abraham. We are all now brothers and sisters in Christ.

Before Jesus, we were strangers to the covenant of God made to Isaac and Jacob because we were Gentiles. The covenant back then was only to the children of Israel. Now we have a new covenant through Jesus Christ. Back then we had no Hope but now because we have Jesus, we have Hope. Jesus died and rose again and so shall we!! We have Hope and Faith in Jesus Christ. Also, the Gentiles were without God in their world and worldly system. They made idols out of everything that crawled and walked. They worshipped idols and not God.

Verse 13 = But Now….This means something different has happened. Now we Gentiles are in Christ Jesus. We can now come near in Christ to God the Father. We are far away if we move, not God moving. Jesus’s blood saved us, redeemed us from our sins. The Life is in the Blood of Jesus. We can be near to God if we choose to be. If we find ourselves far from God it is because we moved, not God.

We are all one in Christ Jesus whether our skin color is black or white. We are all one in Christ Jesus whether our finances are poor or rich. The blood makes us all one in Christ Jesus. Jesus has become Peace for us. Jesus gave us the Peace between Jews and Gentiles. He has taken down the wall, the barriers between us. In the Temple there was a wall between Gentiles and Jews. There was also a wall between men and women. Jesus’s death brought these walls down. These are spiritual walls He brought down. We are no longer strangers and the Lord Jesus Christ has given us Peace. He has brought the walls down and Jesus is our Peace.