Sabbath 8/15/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “Anchors That Hold”

Sabbath 8/15/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “Anchors That Hold” Acts 27:29

All of us face storms in our lives. We can find security in God’s scriptures. How we handle the storms will determine how you live the rest of your Christian life. We must not allow the storms of live to move in and take over our happiness. We must not let defeat be on us with no happiness. There are anchors that Paul explains to us, that will keep our Christian life stable.

  1. Vs. 24 Don’t Fear:

    God will be with us in the midst of the storm. The anchor of no fear is built on the power of God. He is omnipotent and everything depends on God. God is self-existing. He is not dependent on us but we are dependent on Him. God is everywhere and He is the God of the universe.

  2. Vs. 23 Understand Our Position in God:

    God owns us and He will take care of us. We are the sons and daughters of God because we believe in God’s name. When we need assistance, God will take care of us because we are his children.

  3. Exodus 21:6 We Must Be Servants of God:

    We are to serve God forever. He is our Master and He has rule over us. We belong to Jesus and need not to be ashamed! We are to serve and be servants of God. Don’t have the “me only” attitude.

  4. Vs. 24 God Supplies All:

    We are not to fear when doing God’s purpose because ALL safety and ALL supply comes from God. As long as we do the will of God, we will be safe and protected.

  5. Gal. 6:17 His Plan for Us:

    We must follow God’s plan for our lives. It may not always be nice but God has THE plan, the ONLY plan that will work for us. We must fulfill the plan of God for our lives. Paul is saying that there will be hard times when we are doing the plan of God. God did not promise the waters would always be smooth but He did say we would make it to the other side.

  6. Heb. 11:1 Faith:

    The anchor of faith is what is needed. We should have faith and believe that God will do and can do what He said he would do. The Word of God will be of little benefit if we don’t have faith. Hold onto the anchor of faith in God. Hold on and do things God’s way. Give our all to God! God delivered us before and will deliver us again! Keep hold of the anchor of faith.

  7. Vs. 31, Matt. 16:18 Abide in The Ship:

    We are to abide in the ship and don’t jump overboard. The ship is the Church. Stay in church. Stay in your local church. Jesus said the church is the vehicle that we use to take the gospel to the world. Salvation is not the trusting in the church. Salvation is the trusting in Christ. Don’t break off from the local New Testament Church. The Ship-the Church has great importance in the community. Some people use the blessings God gave them to stop them from going to church. Some people get themselves into so much debt that they cannot or will not give to the church. People always make sure they get to work on time, so they need to do the same for Church.

  8. Vs. 34 Read the Word of God:

    Don’t be “fasting” in the reading of the Word of God. The Word is “meat” for our spiritual health. A steady diet of the Word will keep us safe from falling by the wayside. “The meat” of the Word will bring us to shore = Vs. 44. It will make us land safely land on the shore of the other side. We will come out successful no matter what kind of waters we are going through. We must have safe, solid anchors in God that will keep us from drifting out to sea. God grant each of us anchors that will hold.