Sabbath 8/25/18 Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Keith sermon “God Looks At The Heart”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 8/25/18 Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Keith sermon “God Looks At The Heart” I Samuel 16:7, I Samuel 9:2, Luke 19:1-4

The Lord does not look at the outward appearance like man does. God looks at the heart. Most of us wish we looked differently than what we do. We may want a body transplant. Our country places lots of emphasis on the physical appearance with diet, make up and exercise commercials. There are different cultures like the African or Mayan Indians that have different concepts of physical beauty. We all have different definitions of what is beautiful.

The Lord God looks at the heart and not at the outward appearance. In the Old Testament Saul was tall and good looking. He was Fine. Saul became King and got arrogant later on and disobeyed God. Samuel told him to obey God is better than sacrifices. Now looking at Zacchaeus, he was a very short man. He may have been a dwarf that the school kids made fun of. When Zacchaeus became an adult, he may have jumped at the chance to become a chief tax collector. He could get back at the people who had made fun of him. Zacchaeus became a very rich man in a big house.

**What God Looks For In Our Hearts**
  • God wants a heart that reflects His Love:
  • Jesus wanted to spend time with Zacchaeus in his house. When Jesus reached out to him, it may have been the first time someone wanted to spend time with Zacchaeus. Jesus showed him love. Our hearts should have the love of God in them. God wants our hearts to reflect His love despite our own insecurities about our imperfections.

  • God wants Repentance and Commitment in our hearts:
  • God wants us to repent of our sins and then to commit to Him. He wants us to tell people what God has done for us.
God looks at the heart of man and not on our outward appearance. God looks for love, repentance and commitment in our hearts.