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Sabbath 9/15/18 Alfred Station NY Seventh Day Baptist, Pastor Ken sermon “I Preach”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 9/15/18 Alfred Station NY Seventh Day Baptist, Pastor Ken sermon “I Preach” Ephesians 3:7-13.

Paul was a prisoner in Rome because he preached to the Gentiles the Gospel. When he said he was a minister, he was being humble. Minister is the word we get Deacon from. Deacons in Jerusalem were the ones chosen to take care of all the widows. This was the first set of deacons. The deacon had the money, he held the bank to take care of the widows. He took care of the tables to feed the people and to make sure the tables had enough food. Deacons were also the errand boys which took care of things. They were like servants to the church.

Paul said he was a servant to the Gentiles because of the Faith. Paul said he was a preacher of the Gospel. He said he was less than all the saints who believed in Jesus and were covered by the blood. Paul says he is less than all the holy ones and he is chief of sinners. He said he was less than all the believers but he was a preacher. Paul is preaching:
  • Riches in Christ Jesus-Unfathomable riches: We cannot fathom or think of all the riches in Jesus Christ. We can’t imagine or think of them but Paul says they are available to all.

  • Dispensation/Ministration of how God works thru Jesus: Paul tells us how the Gospel works for the Gentiles. Gentiles are now part of the Salvation history. God has worked in us thru Jesus, all His promises to the Israelites. By Faith we have the inheritance and that’s the mystery. The Gentiles are in Christ Jesus. The mystery was hidden in God but now God has made it known.
God’s manifold wisdom has been revealed. Manifold means many different colors of God’s wisdom. God’s wisdom is a unique experience for each person. What Bob needed to hear to be saved may be different from what Steve needed to hear to be saved. Same Gospel, just different ways for it to “click” them into salvation.

The text says the assembling of the Church is a witness to people, demons and sinners that we are saved. It is a witness that there is a reality to Jesus. We are witness to others in the spiritual world that our Faith is real. We are saying look what God has done thru Jesus Christ. Jesus said we will suffer for Jesus and the Gospel. We hear of the overseas persecutions of Christians and the silent persecutions in the United States. Paul said don’t let their suffering get between us and our Faith. Our Faith is in Jesus and not in a human being. Don’t lose your Faith!!

Each of us need to be identified for who we are. We are Gentiles who trust in Jesus and have unfathomable riches. God has worked His eternal purpose in us. We are part of Salvation history. God loves us and has saved us. We know by Faith in Jesus, we are God’s!!