Sabbath 9/27/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon What’s More Important?

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 9/27/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon What’s More Important? Mark 3:1-6

How to observe the Sabbath is the topic of our text. Jesus is in the synagogue. Jesus is in the House. It was his custom, his habit to be in the synagogue, the temple, be in church on the Sabbath. As followers of Jesus, we need to be like Jesus and be in church on the Sabbath. In this assembly of believers, Jesus called the man with the withered hand to come forth. The man may have be a stone cutter, a mason who had a work accident where a stone fell on his hand. Now he could not work and had to beg for a living. Where was the man on the Sabbath? In church with Jesus, worshipping God. The man’s circumstances did not stop him from saying God is in control and that he needed to be in church.

In the scripture, the Pharisees watched Jesus to see what he would do so they could accuse him. In our local churches, people watch each other and see how they worship God. They see if you pay attention to the sermon. They see if you are texting on your cell phone while in church. People learn by watching folk. We as a church covenant are to also watch over people for their good. Sometimes people come to church to watch folk so they can talk about them and what they said or did in church. They are watching to criticize people and accuse them like the Pharisees did Jesus.

Jesus knew how they were watching him so He asked them “is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath days? The answer is yes but the Pharisees did not say anything at all. They were silent. Jesus went ahead and healed the man after he gave the Pharisees a “look”. Jesus gave them an “angry look” for not caring for this man that came to church and sat among them. Jesus became angry because they would not do good or say to do good on the Sabbath. After Jesus healed the man, the Pharisees went to their enemies, the Herodians, to plot to destroy Jesus. They were plotting on the Sabbath how to destroy but they were silent about doing good on the Sabbath.

We need to thank God for His love for us. We need to do good and look around to see those that we can touch and help. We all should thank God for Jesus showing us this in the scriptures. It is good to do good on the Sabbath day. Only trust in the Lord.