Sabbath 9/6/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon I Believe

Sabbath 9/6/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon I Believe Deut. 6:4-10

This passage applied to the people of the Old Testament and it also applies to us today. The church is a teaching agency of the Faith but it is not the primary teaching agency. The primary is the older generation teaching the younger generation about the Faith. This passage say the primary institution for teaching Faith is the Home. The church is not the primary. There are three parts to be taken out of this text: the Credo, the Command and the Commitment.

1. Credo – I Believe: In verse 4, we need to listen and hear that the LORD is God. We see the trinity: God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost in the capitalized word LORD. The credo is to say I Believe. In our affirmation of Faith that we say each Sabbath, we are saying I believe. I Believe.

2 Command: We are to love God with our heart, soul and might. We are to love God with ALL not some of our heart, soul and might. All our heart, all our soul and all our might. We should not compartmentalize ourselves but let God into all our areas. All of our little secret rooms!

3. Commitment: Be committed and teach the next generation. Do this after you have put the credo and command in your heart. You are to teach when you sit, walk, lie down and rise up. You are supposed to teach. All in here today that sit, walk around, lie down and get up are supposed to teach the credo of what we believe in all places.

This is God’s marketing plan. In the text, they are supposed to put God’s scriptures on their hand, forehead and gate. They are to put that God is Lord. This is marketing the FAITH. When people come to your home, they should be able to tell that it is a believer’s home. What is your marketing plan?
There is no such thing as a “private” religion. Our religion should be seen. We are living by the credo and commandment to teach what we believe. Be committed to be seen but not so that we can boast or act as if we are better than other people. Be seen so we can teach about God to the next generation. We that believe God need to say I Believe to all.