Sacrificial love

As I listened to this song... the Father ministered to me about sacrificial love. Love that loves without expecting anything in return. Loving like Jesus loves us all.

It made 1 Corinthians 13 click, and the realization that when we hold something against someone, we are actually judging them, and we are in unforgiveness. Which opens the door to the enemy and gives Him legal right to steal, kill, or destroy in our lives.

Please consider joining me in closing the door to the enemy, by learning to walk like Jesus walked. In sacrificial love towards everyone you see. Pray for their salvation or peace or Father to grant unto them the gift of repentance... instead of judging them... for we all have sinned and fallen short... And if we can pray for The Father's intervention in their life, we will be helping the Father to bring life to them instead of death, thus fulfilling part of the great commission... go therefore and make disciples of all men (mankind). And learning to walk in His true love instead of condemnation.

In doing this we slam the door shut tightly against a critical spirit, and we develop a deeper walk with Christ our Messiah. We also get clearer to hear what the Spirit is speaking to our hearts and we become one of those people who the enemy cannot touch (1John 5:18). Love and forgiveness are powerful tools in Fathers armour. Get/begin to develop yours today