Safe Internet Browsing for the Entire Family

Safe Internet Browsing for the Entire Family

Hello everyone,

As Parents and Christians we need to set limitations on Internet access for our children. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you accomplish this goal. Please take a minute to go to my website for further review and contact me if you have any questions or interest.

Computer Repairs Online - Safe Internet Browsing for the Entire Family

Note: I am unable to post my email, or phone at this time due to Forum rules. I think I am within guidelines putting a website link in my post, and if not I apologize and will delete it. I am not looking for donations, this is a service I am offering.

I have worked with parents and families for over 20 years. You are right, children should not be expected to make wise decisions while on their own. We should protect them. There are many great internet filters or if a parent desires, there are also internet service providers who limit where computers or game systems, ipods, etc. can go on the internet.
fantastic idea,and hope tv and media follow suit.
also music.
protecting kids from anti christian propaganda would be great.
maybe the schools should follow your lead.