Salt and light

Jul 14, 2014
Matthew 5:13-16 salt and light
Jonah 4 - the vine and the worm

It only takes a little salt to season a dish. It only takes a teeny amount of light to light up a room.

We Christians only have to accomplish a little to sway the entire culture away from wickedness and danger of destruction at God's hand. We only have to bring a little salt. We only need to be a little light.

See... Here's the deal - as Christians, we have no specific national identity (in contrast with the Jews). Gentile nation we are in is how God provides the covering and relief from the pain of international chaos. (Jonah 4). Those things which otherwise completely wear us out and destroy us make the nation stronger.

We don't have to fix the whole place - we only have to pick out the worms that will destroy it. (Jonah 4). If we do that - God will provide relief from His destroying judgment. Just like the vine doesn't understand the worm - it should be obvious by now that our nation neither understands those things which will bring her judgment and destruction.

We don't have to fill the entire place with salt and light - we only have to add a little salt and light and it is sufficient to get us through. And for now - that's God's expectation.
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