Satan's hand in Rock/Rap

Christian rap & hip-hop is okay [the wordly type on the other hand isn't]
It's a form of worship for the lord.
There's a hip hop team @ our church, part of youth. They're really talented in dancing and they use that to worship & perform for the lord. Plus it helps reach out to the younger generation :)
An interesting video on the power of evil in Rock and Roll. Some might find this far-fetched, but I believe the film and the artists speak for themselves.


This is one of the most frightening things I have ever seen! I always thought that the real hard-core rock-and -roll was evil to some extent, but what I saw in this video shocked me! I have to say I have never heard Highway to Heaven but from the title I didn't think it would be bad. After hearing the backwards lirycs... This is trult scary! Every person who likes rock-and-roll should see this and draw their own conclusions. As for me... I was never a big fan of it but now... Thanks for sharing this WasLost.



It just seems wrong to label people by their preference in music.
You can express your love and message to God in so many forms.
Not all will have a preference for the diverse arts but should understand that it does boil down to personal taste.
I love hip hop and have been looked down on for that by people who hate it!
Imagine being judged by the music you listen to rather than all your good qualities put together!
I also love R&b, jazz, some country, some pop, and old soul.
I also love 'love songs' that have nothing to do with God directly and some would be against that for a Christian.

There are Christians who scorn the most modern forms of music and yet listen to country.
Country music used to be about nothing but drinking, cheating and lying.
Yet I am not judging anyone who prefers that type of music~

Practice moderation in all things!

I say we worry about our own walk with Christ before judging someone else's!

Blessings to all


Laura, I wasn't talking to you at all.
I actually responded from page 1 or 2 and did not even see your post.
It appears I wrote in response to your post, but I didn't!
Wanted to make sure you know~:)
In an attempt to assign some thing a work of satan, we give him powers he never had.

Our preferences can trick us. The traps set for us are personal ones, designed just for us. ps 91:3

You can't predict a mass trapping because the trapper is a one on one thinker, he hates you personally.

It wrong of us to declare things evil. There are many things I wish did not exist, but they have no power over us.


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I often wondered at how often Christians give power to Satan that he didn't earn. Everything that happens that we don't like or agree with is some new power of Satan. If only we were so zealous to give God the glory for everything that HE REALLY DOES DO!!! We could put Satan out of business forever. n_n


Yes! I heard a preacher say the same thing and you are so right.
I was guilty of blaming satan for everything and I came to realize we give him power when we do that!
I see this has taken interest again! I wasn't going to post anything before, but, here is my 2cents now--

I've seen this before, on, one of my many other favorite forums. Ya know, the MEDIA has never and probably NEVER will print ALL the TRUTH about ANYTHING!:mad: That being said, some rock groups ARE bad, very bad, BUT, like anything else the media does, is, it picks the most horrific or the most mis-understood piece of music history (or anything or anybody) and blows it out of purportion!

I am a U2 fan! There, I've said it!:D Even the "christian media" has grossly misunderstood U2's message.

He who is WITHOUT sin let him CAST the first stone.


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I love U2. They are one of my all time favorite bands, musically speaking at least. I don't know much about their lives, but I know that bono professes Christianity at the very least, and was Knighted last year.

I still stand by my previous statement that there are bad songs, bad bands, bad people, but that does not mean that any particular style of music or instrument is inherently evil while another particular style is inherently holy.