Satans influence in culture until lucifer's complete retrun

Nov 12, 2007
Satans influence in culture until lucifer's complete retrun

This is My best first attempt to explain the workings of lucifer the fallen angel, who is both bound physicaly in heaven, and cast down as the spirit of satan, after his defeat at Calvary, ---where the dominion of the beasts of his world system were defeated, but at extension of life was given to them, unto the "apointed time," and that thru the corruption of religion and culture, lucifer has been gaining power on earth, until physicaly cast down to earth, as he has been spiritualy, for the final time, and final showdown. And as such because of Ephesians 2:6, where we who are saved, are already raised into the heavenlies in Christ Jesus, while still here on earth ---we already see the completed overthrow and destruction of lucifer/satan as completed, Ezekiel 28:, and Isaiah 14:, but the world has yet to realize this --until after, he is cast down from heaven for the last time, for the Great Tribulation, and is in the end burned to ashes Ezekiel 28:18 --but do not confuse the many repeated statements as to his destruction as completed yet, as the judgment is complete --but we have to see it's stages play out:

** ) I was pointing out the slow progressive way secular art is intended as evil, and slowly pushes back battle lines.
** ) I took an old example I thought no one would object to ---the Wizard Of Oz
** ) I showed how for 1932 I believe --that It gave us more than "Good Witches," and "Good Wizards" in theory
** ) I showed how as in Ezekiel 28: or even Isaiah 23: that Lucifer as the King Of Tyre is referenced from Oz to the Beatles, and beyond
** ) I showed how the nine gems of Ezekiel 28:13 1) Ruby, 2) topaz, 3) diamond, 4) beryl, 5) onyx, 6) jasper, 7) lapis lazuli, 8) turquoise, 9) Emerald
** ) Are the nine gems listed as the covering of "the anointed cherub who covers, placed on the holy mountain of God,
** ) who walked in the midst of the stones of fire,
** ) and that this very same anointed-cherub, was cast down, as the fallen lucifer -who had "tabrets and pipes" were in him in the day he was created
** ) and that these tabret and pipes ( drums and wind instruments ) are sometimes translated as settings ans sockets
** ) --however lucifer was obviously an arch-angel
** ) and that He was involved with Music in Heaven, which Isaiah 23: also hints at as well
** ) And that the Occult from Aleister Crowley to the Beatles, seems to spend more time with thier corrupted version of scripture
** ) Then we spend -trying to understand the real thing!!!!!!
** ) And that, when God says I will scrape tyre flat like a rock, and destroy it's ruler -who says he is a god,
** ) And also shows the progressive destruction, and casting downs of lucifer, that:
** ) Ezekiel 26: thru Ezekiel 28: are an O.T. key like Daniel, which shows how the ruler=satan at work, thru the bound anointed cherub=lucifer,
** ) And thru entertainment Isaiah 23: lucifer as the king of Tyre will pluck the strings skillfully,
** ) And play the Harlot with all of the kingdoms on the face of the earth,
** ) And there are passages, such as Ezekiel 26: thru Ezekiel 28: etc.., which show how this harlot buys sells and trades the souls of the human race,
** ) And how they take the nine speeches/replies of Job ( with the 9th speech/reply probably being a mock speech/reply of Job )
** ) But it shows how The Synagogue Of Satan along with Jezebel and the Nicolations etc.., take the Kabbalah, etc..,
** ) To Satanicaly connect the dots --of the nine gems, and nine speeches, but how God thwarts their plans,
** ) By propheticaly giving them over to their system of destruction, as clearly can be followed in the 17 book of O.T. prophets, as well as Revelation etc..,
** ) And how that Ezekiel shows that the ruler of tyre = a type for satan, while the king of tyre = shows the progressive casting down of lucifer,
** ) As because of Ephesians 2:6 -We are already in the heavenlies with Christ, and therefore see lucifer already cast to the ground
** ) While in Heaven He is still Physicaly bound By the Arch-Angel Michel in Heaven Revelation 12:7-9, Luke 10:18, John 12:31, Isaiah 14:12, etc..,
** ) But, even though cast down already to make war with the saints, thru his power as satn=ruler of Tyre, already at Calvary,
** ) But because of Isaiah 23: and Ezekiel 26: thru Ezekiel 28: etc.., and Ephesians 2:6, etc.., we see the progressive casting down of the fulness of his power
** ) In which as Satan becomes more powerfull as the spirit of the world, that in the Great Tribulation,
** ) that the fulness of lucifer being cast down will be complete
** ) Daniel teaches of the "dominion" of the beasts having been taken away, but an extension of " life " was granted to them for an apointed time,
** ) And with the complex ways, in which all seems listed as being completed, but casting downs and destructions keep being repeated,
** ) The key is the fact that lucifer is cast down in stages or degrees, as his spirit of deception thru satan, gains more power for lucifer himself,
** ) But the completion of the actions of the casting down(s) and being consumed with fire,
** ) seems completed, with an occasional wil be , to show it is already certain
** ) However with the completion and certainty of the actions, along with other "verses," shows an "idealist," and "futurist" view of Revelation, both.
** ) And I see in the 3 occurance of the "Dove" in the narative of Noah:
** ) 1)Dove has to return=preterist view can only mean the Kingdom of Heaven is completed,
** ) as seen in Ephesians 2:6 ---and not how Preterists teach Revelation
** ) 2)Dove returning with olive leaf = historic and idealist view bearing spiritual truth, and
** ) 3)Final release of Dove = release towrads future, when majority of prophecies of Revelation, progress, and quicken until the end
** ) But make no mistake ---as Ezekiel is abused, and God says how He will scrape Tyre flat like a rock,
** ) The Beatles sing in Cometogether "Here comes old flat top, he comes grovin up slowly...."
** ) And the Beatles have a song only found on Beatles Rairities which only sings " You know My Name, Look Up The Number."
** ) And long afterwards, when no one cares, in discussing all the drugs they did, they admit "Lucy in the sky with diamonds," was not about LSD,
** ) because as I claim, it is about "Lucifer in the sky with diamonds"
Nov 12, 2007
** ) Black Sabbath in Vol 4, sings in "Wheels Of Confusion," and elsewhere, how they found out that innocence was an illusion
** ) And how the world had had it's evil way with them as a premise going way back obviously,
** ) So in the 1st Black Sabbath Album, the song "Behind The Wall Of Sleep," sings,
** ) And I am sorry, but Ozzy "Artificialy" alters the natural "Attack," and "Decay" of the Speech involved in His singing,
** ) AS well as the use of effect processing, when neccessary, so as to hide in place ---multiple sets of lyrics, so be carefull
** ) If anyone knows slightly different lyrics for some of the words ---there is not just one set of them in places!!!
** ) Just as the Beatles have sung "Everybody's got some," at the end of a song,
** ) Which can also clearly be heard to sing "Everybody smoke pot"
** ) So one obvious set of lyrics for "behind the wall of sleep," goes :
** ) "Visions cupped within the flower....deadly petals with strange power..."
** ) "Faces shine a deadly smile....look up on you on your trial"
** ) "Chill that numbs from head to toe...Icy sun with frosty glow"
** ) "Words ago read to your sorrow.....words ago read no tommorow"
** )
** ) "See ypur spirit rise with the priest..see your body fall into it's knees..take your warn out remorse..change your body to a corpse..
** ) "..change your body to a corpse..change your body to a corpse....if you want our remorse...change your body to a corpse..."
** ) So it is obvoius that Black Sabbath was singing "words ago read to your sorrow...words ago read no tommorow,"
** ) because they were refering to the Bible,
** ) However it is also obvious, that their solution is to go to higher kabbalisitc worlds,
** ) Since the Vol 4 premise of body already being a corpse -because of the ways of the evil world,
** ) Then telling you to " turn Your body to a corpse ," means again, and again, as one needs to climb Kabbalisticaly higher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

** ) and of cource in the song "Paranoid," Black Sabbath sings "Finnished with My woman because She could not help Me with My Mind..."
** ) Because the complex creation account of Genesis 1: and 2: --has Genesis 2: discuss the " Sequentil " creation of mankind,
** ) from Adam 1st, then Eve,
** ) While Genesis 1: talks of the " Simultaneous " creation of the " Inner Man ," of the Heart, being different for both male and female,
** ) when the Rib was taken from Adam.
** ) Because of the different "sets" of Hebrew terms used for "male and female," in the Genesis 1: and Genesis 2:
** ) creation accounts of Mankind
** ) However, because God reffers to the Holy Spirit as the bride, and as the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in proverbs as Her,
** ) ---the world assumes and teaches gnosticaly,
** ) That we all have to morph into one and another, and evolve, and such ---and that the physical body is the " Women "
** ) to the Inner and expanded "Inner Male"
** ) And because the Bible talks about the abuse of such desigantion by the world, and being given over to such,
** ) The wrold takes that as an " endorsement " that the physical body is the woman, and woman of polution,
** )to be despised and hated, from above
** ) So sarcasticaly, and God does use Sarcasim, God refers to their terms, to show what they will believe in their punishments,
** ) However, all physical bodies, are not female, nor are all Inner Man of the Heart, the same -for males and females Genesis 1: 27
** ) ----however our "Spirit" should be the same.
** ) So if the punishments of Isaiah kick in, and men hold on to their sides to give birth, and women rule over them,
** ) And other passages lead to their confussion over this matter, the Bible can be sarcastic ---as the world holds all that
** ) is physical is female=evil=pollution,
** ) And therefore Men and Women only want to be attracted to eachother as gods and goddessess, or the anti-physical inner male,
** ) And as such God is capable of covering their 'double meanings,' by a double meaning then also,
** ) When the Bible says they leave the natural affection of the woman for the unnatural, and likewise men burn with lust for men,
** ) So no matter how gnosticism, and kabbalah, etc.., twists things or not, God's word is covered!!!!!!!!!!
** ) So when Black Sabbath sings "Finnished with My Women because She could not help me with My mind,"
** ) They were reffering to the physical body.
** ) I have been playing Heavy Metal Guitar, and Hendrix, and led Zeppelin, or studying it, for more years than most of
** ) You who argue with Me probably have been listening to it
** ) So don't argue with Me about what I know about pop culture,
** ) Because I come with knowledge and experience,
** ) And You can try and fool Me, but You cant fool God.

May Christ Richly Bless Those Who Truly Love Him, Amen.

May 5, 2007
i agree with you friend.she is the devil in disguise,the harlot .but not all women just like not all men.they try to split us from God.i once watched a film about killer whales on how they split the blue whale up from it,s child and drowned it to eat it.evil is a killer whale only the strong survive.our faith in jesus removes us from this world to where we all survive.this world hates i for stopping the strong picking on the weak.