Saturday 3/29/14 Dr. Randy’s Sermon God Encourages Us

Saturday 3/29/14 Dr. Randy’s sermon God Encourages Us Zechariah 1:1-21

Some people think they are better than the rest of us. They showcase and they are ball hogs. They run for the ball for show while knocking people out of the way. Today, some Christians feel like they are losing to the wickedness of the world. God sends us a word of encouragement. God is big and we are doing better than we think. God has a plan in the works and we just don’t see that there are more on our side than on Satan’s side. Satan puffs up his numbers. In the Bible, only 1/3rd of the angels in Heaven got thrown out for following him. That leaves 2/3rds of the angels stayed with the Lord. Satan just gets puffed up and full of himself!
God spoke through Zechariah to the Israelites and He said for them to NOT be like their fathers. Their fathers didn’t listen to God. They were hard of hearing folk who didn’t listen to God’s commandments. In the spiritual world, we are victorious! In the physical world we don’t see it but it’s true. We have the Victory!


1. God is ready to get close to us:
We have to seek Him and want to be His child. In verse 3, God says to turn unto Him.

2. God is reaching people with His message in places we don’t know about:
In verse 7-11, God’s angels are patrolling the earth. The earth is still and at rest. God is moving on the planet right now and His team is bigger than we think.

3. Satan’s team does not know all the answers: verse 12-13
Satan thought that Jesus going to the cross meant that he would win. Wrong!! Jesus won and rose from the dead! Satan can’t see into the future! Demons, evil angels, and little devils don’t know all the answers to what is happening. In times of distress, God pulls back the curtain for us so He can show us His power. We need to know and believe that God is able to do all things for us! We are spiritual beings and we need to think big. We will live eternally with God.

4. God says that what looks like politics isn’t that at all:
What we see is spiritually workings that will overtake the spiritual wickedness. Behind the Senate, the Congress, the White House, is a power that is greater than them all! God is doing His plan! Our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with spiritual wickedness in high places. Prayer is our weapon! We have to fight on our knees in Prayer!

5. God is working His plan: verse 2:1-4
It is not over until the fat lady sings! God is patient and takes His time when dealing with the wicked. This is sometimes frustrating for us! His patience gives us one more day to reach our unsaved neighbor. Rejoice in God’s patience! Don’t be frustrated.

6. Faith is believing in God’s Word: verse 3:1-7
We need to see God with “biblical eyes”. In the spiritual, world we need to see the forgiveness of God and His power. God says walk in His ways and He will clean us up and bless us. God tells Satan to shut up and then He cleans us up! We must not be beaten down and feeling bad. God can lift us back up, clean us up and encourage us to keep on going. Surrender to God through the blood of Jesus Christ. We need to not be discouraged with the world’s wickedness. We need to see the spiritual world and believe that God has ALL POWER! It is about having the Sprit of God and Jesus in our heart. It is about the Word of God! We are unstoppable with the Lord God ALMIGHTY!!
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