Saturday 4/5/14 Pastor Stephen Sermon Silent Saturday

Saturday 4/5/14 Pastor Stephen sermon Silent Saturday Luke 23:42-43, Luke 7:11-15

On Friday, Jesus spoke to the man on the cross next to Him. He said the man would be with Jesus in Paradise. This shows that we don’t have to do anything to get God’s attention. We don’t have to dress up or clean ourselves up to get His attention. We just have to go to Jesus as we are and God is there for us. On Friday, God spoke by ripping the veil curtain in the holy temple when Jesus died on the cross. Now there is no middle man anymore. We don’t have to go to a priest to confess our sins and speak to God. We can go directly to God through Jesus Christ and speak to Him ourselves. On Sunday, God spoke by resurrecting His son. On Sunday, Jesus rose and appeared to the disciples. What happened on Saturday?

In Luke chapter 7, a widow mother was with her dead son in a funeral service. Jesus saw her and had compassion on her. He knew her husband had dies and now her son was dead too. Jesus told her to stop crying. Jesus walked to the coffin and touched it. The coffin carriers stopped and Jesus raised the widow’s son. This shows that Jesus will meet you where you are. He will touch your pain and heal it. Jesus is the miracle worker. He told the boy to get up. The day before, the woman had been in her silent Saturday. It was the day after her boy had died and the day before her son was raised from the dead.

Silent Saturdays are there for God to see how faithful we will be. God is testing our faith in Him on these Silent Saturdays, when we don’t hear from Him. We are to remain faithful to God and He will be faithful to us. The Silent Saturday may last a long time or it may be relatively short. God will still remain faithful. Right now we may be in a Silent Saturday, waiting for God to answer our prayers. The Silent Saturday may be the day after getting laid off from work but the day before we get our new dream job! Silent Saturday is the day after life has hit us hard and the day before our miracle!

Our miracle is on its way! Remain faithful to God! Look back and know that God is faithful and remains faithful! It may be Silent Saturday but Sunday is coming and our miracle will happen! God is faithful! It may be tough right now but a year from now we will look back and say God did it! God was faithful!

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