Saturday 8/2/14 Daytona Sdb Minister Terri Sermon It’s Not My Fault

Saturday 8/2/14 Daytona SDB Minister Terri sermon It’s Not My Fault Matthew 11:29-30

Our journey begins in the womb and then we are born. We have a time from birth to the age of 18 where we can pretty much do what we want to do. We can play and not have worries. We don’t even have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. Then we become 18 years old and everything changes. We are now supposed to be responsible adults and this comes with responsibilities. We have had 17 years of freedom where we can run and play. Then at 18 years old, we are suddenly strapped with responsibilities. Parents are to teach their children how to be responsible. We are taught to be nice to other people. We are taught that we have to get a job to take care of ourselves. We have spouses and children we have to worry about.

Somewhere during this time, we were introduced to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Some of us may have kept God in the back of our minds while we did what we wanted to do anyway. The Word tells us that we are chosen. God chooses us from the womb, but we don’t know that. We just know that sometimes there is a drawing to Him after we become aware of who He is. We feel a pull, a want to be in God’s house. We feel a want to be in the presence of those who know God so we can learn as well. Sometimes everything that is thrown at us by the enemy Satan is overwhelming. The things that happen today are teenagers killing each other, burning themselves and attempting or committing suicide. Sometimes it is adults who are going through the same things as the teenagers are.

I am here to tell you today that you don’t have to do that! God has your back! Some people have continual worry lines, always frowning and have bags under their eyes because of lack of sleep. They worry so much that they get no sleep. Well, I am here to tell you, God says NOT to worry! He’s got you! He had got you covered! He has a hold of everything, especially once you decided to become a child of God! And even if you have not decided yet, He has chosen you. As a child of God, He says don’t worry. So you should not have a frown on your face as a child of God. You should have laugh lines instead. Let the bags under your eyes be because you chose not to sleep and not because you were worried about something.

Sooo…we can go through life without a care. I know this is hard to do, but put it all on God because His shoulders are much, much bigger than yours are. Put your fears on God, His shoulders are much, much bigger than yours are. Put your hurt on God. Turn it over, get your hands off and move out the way! Turn it over, don’t go back, forget about it, God has got it! When someone says they know what you are going through but you don’t show any of it, tell them “It’s not my fault, God’s got it! It’s not my fault”.