I would have to know more about it to formualte an opinion. Is it a candid picture of young people exploring thier faith or another hollywood attempt to make the Church look bad?
I've seen it. I love it!

It portrays some kids in a Christian School. I've talked about this movie in this forum sometimes.

Hillary Faye (sp) is like one of the popular girls, and she's trying to convert the Jews, sinners, homosexuals, and anybody else that she doesn't see fit as deserving God's mercy.

It tells how she'll go to any lengths to reach her goal. Including getting people kicked out of her school, throwing a bible at someone (while screaming "I am FILLED with Jesus' love!"), and framing people for crimes they didn't commit.

I've known people like this, that's why I thought it was so funny. They believe that their way is the best way. They've read the bible (once, quickly, in study hall) and feel as if their actions are automatically annointed by God Himself.

It also shows the life of a "sinner" (in Hilary's eyes). And the confusion that can happen when someone who calls themselves a Christian (Hilary) is so filled with hatred and wants to fill the world with carbon copies of herself.

It's a movie, mixed in with some comedy. I watch the movie about once a month, just for chuckles.

It reminds me of what I don't want to become.:eek: