Scholars prove Jesus is, was and always will be!!!

Scholars prove Jesus is, was and always will be!!!

For those of you who come to this forum to look for evidence of proof of Jesus' divinity then head over to this web site:)
there's more proof there then you need, and it all makes sense and is easy to understand:)

Who is the real Jesus?

God bless:)
OOOOOOOOOOOO I like this site oogii. Even the scientists are changing the history books because evolution is only theory not evidence, Jesus Christ IS proven evidence! HE was a living human being and God at the same time. Proven fact. This is a very good post and a very good link OOGII. TY

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:smiley90: OOGII that is a awesome link :smiley90: I think I vote with JG27_chili :smiley10: good job OOGII you brought something really good to the table
Written accounts from his followers tell us that Jesus bodily rose from the grave three days after his brutal execution on a Roman cross and burial.

In no way are the gospels proof that 2000 years ago Jesus was ressurected. They can't produse a consistant time line of events. They don't even agree on who was at the grave, how the grave was found (guards, angels, ect.) or what Jesus did and said. Also the fact that not one of the gospels can be dated before the second century is strange, if they really were first hand accounts (that would be like the first JFK biography hitting stores today!). The gospels are not even referenced in any other book in the new testament. Outside corroborating sources are vague, based on hearsay and hardly to be considered evidence of divinity.