Science help

Apr 14, 2007
Science help

Does anyone have any science background that could give me advice.
I have a relative who has taken on a nursing degree and is a bit stuck in writing essays about biology with reference to evolution.
It becomes complicated in a class environment and in essay writing when it comes to faith, passing the course, and teachers of evolution etc; We know the truth but the daunting task of University and "taking on evolutionists" seems like harder work then becoming a nurse at the moment for her?
Any Christian or "creation" scientists with advice she is also looking at doing more science studies.
Jan 26, 2007
United States
I'm sorry Violet, but I'd warn strictly against Theistic Evolution. Throwing out the Book of Genesis (by saying that it is figurative) would allow for Evolution if the events in Genesis were not referenced throughout the rest of the Bible. If Adam and Eve figuratively sinned, we would not of needed Jesus would we?

As far as either "going along to pass" or "standing up and not passing"...well it's a hard choice. However, I'd strongly caution your relative about compromising their beliefs. If you can't stand up for your beliefs when there's little to lose (class pressure, loss of favor, even not getting the degree) then how will they stand up when it's life or death? Tell your relative to use this as a stepping stone.

Also the obvious answer is to seek God's will. God would not direct your relative to become a nurse if they would have to compromise their beliefs or lose the ability to have the job. If it is God's will for them to be a nurse, pray that God will show them the right steps to take :)