Sealed And Revealed

Daniel was told to seal the book; the time was not at hand.
This day and age could not be explained, and the people then could not understand.

The end time plan showed a day so terrible, it caused many to shudder and faint. It pointed to that horrible trouble, which would startle every saint.

Down through the portals of times narrow door, the book would be opened to view. Those who were chosen to reveal the mysteries could look back at what Daniel knew.

These times we are living in will come alive, as the revelation is finally made clear. The birth pains before the conception, the trouble to be delivered is near.

God does not wish even one to perish, and that is why He revealed His Son. The battle may rage, and many will be destroyed, yet the war is already won.

Jesus will speak with the sword from His mouth, removing all the lies they have heard. As the enemy gathers, they will come in like a flood, to be crushed with only His word.

Here is where the mystery unfolds and all doubt is a thing of the past. Everyone will look into the face of the Almighty, and discover the truth at last…!