Search for nation’s most exciting church choir


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Search for nation’s most exciting church choir


Voices of Joy is a televised national competition to discover the nation’s most exciting church choir as defined by its music. This will be determined through an open national talent search of American communities and its representative Church Choirs, Music Ensembles and Soloists. The most exciting Church will win a $500,000 educational scholarship.

The live events and subsequent High Definition television programs, CDs and DVDs promise to be a series of upbeat and exciting concerts featuring the music of America’s best choirs.It is our goal to present viewers with the sounds of America’s best choirs representing denominational and non-denominational churches, singing a variety of Christian music genres. The music will range from gospel, to traditional four-line hymns, to contemporary Christian music.

Voices of Joy will be an inspirational series of live events and television programs targeted for the entire family, across all demographics and regional barriers. Audiences will not only be treated to some of the best inspirational music, but through their own inspiring stories the Voices of Joy audience will be offered an opportunity to get to know some of the most outstanding personalities involved in today’s various Church communities.

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