See The Mysterious Giant Hole At 'the End Of The World' Has Scientists Baffled Click Pic 4/artic

Agreed. And how smooth the sides are, even though there are rivulets forming on the sides of the hole due to oil and water seepage.
The researchers checked the gas levels due to the region it is in having natural gas pockets. Nothing all that unusual is found.
262 feet in diameter. Wow!
That's one huge ICBM silo:eek:
Researchers arrive at Russian crater - Video
Radiation levels are better there than they are in the cities, this one researcher says.

What is obvious about this so called crater is that something launched out of the depths. It didn't cave in. Something came out of the ground there. You can tell by the ground debris circling the crater. That's soil that was propelled outward, not that fell inward.

In places with such large concentrations of gas, it's not unusual for underground explosions to rocket off. They occur only when under-soil ice melts and releases a substantial amount of gas.

That is the most plausible scientific theory.

It is uncommon, but not unheard of.
yes send your money to Al Gore..:rolleyes:

Again the climate on earth changes. It always has.

There was a point where lush tropical vegetation was present in what is now the temperate north.

Shallow seas in places where there are sturdy land.

The earth is changing under our feet all the time. Nothing mystical about that, just what God intended.

Adjustments, just like lightning fusing nitrogen in the air to strike the ground and deposit it for plants to live, give us food and breathable atmosphere. God is an awesome God. He creates systems that run themselves. Very brilliant.