With the economy the way it is, we have decided that growing our own garden is the way to go.

We did our frist one last year and it was so much fun! Loved going to the garden to pick our food for that night.

I also love flowers. I'm a nut when it comes to flowers and used to spend a lot of money buying annuals.

A friend gave me this lil green house and I've been starting flower seeds. Oh what joy I feel when that lil green head pops it's head above the soil. It is the little things in life isn't it?

Anyway, do any of you grow things from seeds and if so are there any tips you can give to be more successful. I've been successful with maybe half of what I've tried so far. So I'm thinking maybe I need to do more research on it.

I love spring don't you? Everything comes to life again!

Have a blessed day,

Cheri :smile_anim:
I have a bunch of the below ground plants planted already. Right now they are under a half a foot of snow, but they don't mind.

The starters, and seedlings are in the garage, I started them about a month ago. I have them under lights and everything has sprouted well.

If you have a small greenhouse you are truly blessed. That in my opinion is the only way to go!!! (Just pray it doesn't hail.) YOu should be able to grow year round.

For Tips, I like using metal shelves for the starters, and I keep them in the root cellar. That way the temp never drops below freezing and it doesn't matter if I'm a little sloppy with the water. :)

Always till your rows in a North South direction for optimal and even sunlight.

Plant the roots, melons and gords at one end and above ground veggies at the other. Plant the corn near the melons and gords as it requires a great deal of water also, but remember, it's going to get 8 feet tall, so don't plant anything where it will be robbed of sunlight later in the season.

Remember to space your rows at the same distance as your tiller, this will make weeding much easier.

And I always plant a "Bunny Garden"
A small garden, not fenced, just a patch of lettuce, tomatos, and any green leafy stuff I have in abundance.
This gives the rabbits easy picking and they stay out of our garden.

It also plumps them up nicely for winter harvest. :eek:


Ride .... I am going to forward your info to my friend on Vancouver Island . He has a greenhouse but has just started this year to grow seedling and he says so much is already sprouting . He also has a mushroom log that he gets mushrooms from . If you have any more info he would be glad to get it .as he is just starting out and it is all new to him . That's a good idea about the bunny garden so I will tell him .
If you have any more info he would be glad to get it .as he is just starting out and it is all new to him .

Hmmmmm. Lets see. :rolleyes:

Don't plant yer Taters where you had Maters!
Potatoes attract the same pests Tomato's attract. So you never want to plant Potatoes in the same place you planted Tomatos or eggplant the previous year or you will have major pest problems.

Also, dont use store bought potatos to start your garden potatos with. Very bad idea, Store potatoes are treated with all sorts of nasty chemicals and growth inhibitors, so stay far from those. :eek:


Cool thanks:cool::cool::cool: Mr . Gardener .

Thanks for the info.

Cracking up about putting the cowboy hat on him and it could be your brother. :D

I love the planting the bunny garden idea. We have lots of bunnies around here and I love having them. Thank goodness they can't fit through the wire fencing my hubby built for the garden. I do throw pellets out for them along the woodline though and a little further in so they'll actually come into the yard. I love watching them. But I think the bunny garden is a precious idea. We will do that.

Thanks, have a blessed day, Cheri