SERIOUS for me! - but am I Missing Something??

Unless my brain has finally given up the ghost, tonight I cannot see "Edit" at the bottom of my posts.

It seems to have gone. I use enhancements for posts and this forum program is the worst I've ever used anywhere for disasterising what I write (it's BBC implementation, the most basic part of forums, that's quite appalling here). There's no solution I've found to date and it drives me crazy. There are also many other faults that really should not have to be put up with on a good forum.

So if there's now no "Edit" as well, cos it's been taken away, then I think that's knocked me out of the arena: I really don't think that I can post here any more. (I imagine I'd have to do something like find another forum and set up a new Inner Room there. HERE is now really just 'too much'...)

But I shall be patient and wait to see what responses I receive before deciding. Hope I've made no errors here, cos once I've posted I can't then fix 'em (so far as I can see)...

Cheers to all!!

- BM
I feel your frustration BM. I can't say that others are any better. VB was and still is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than whatever this script is. However here it seems switches have been set that enable complication and frustration to set in.


The time limit was never necessary before, but we had a few new members join and they would edit their posts after others had repied and it made us look like we were incoherent!!! As if I needed any help. :p

It's inconvenient for me because I never see my typos until later, but it's a small price to pay to avoid people endlessly editing their posts to change the context.....imo
Thanks guys!

Yes, Nick, this is a poor program we're using here, and the number of bad things about it can be pretty hard to put up with for some members - which I feel is a real shame.

Ginger, hey a new avatar pic I've not seen! Yup, I can understand how what you related would cause problems. Seems there always has to be someone coming up with a new way to upset the forum site, doesn't there!!

However, changing the Edit time, means that one person has thus created ongoing inconvenience for all other members of CFS who may wish to change a post at ANY time. To me, my posts are, well, "my" posts. I may well be out of order on this, but it's what I feel. And I would like to think that I retain enough "control" over them to change a word or sentence if I wish to - NOT have that taken from me by one pesky member/visitor (who may even be now gone)..

I'll patiently continue to wait to see what happens about this.

Much love to all!

- BM
Writing to say that Bana has said that he'll have a look at this problem I have to see is there may be some solution. Very kind of him! But unfortunately there can be no promises considering the major complexities of programming of major things like a forum!

Loving greetings to all!

- BM


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Bondman, have you tested it? It should be open for you to edit now.
Whoo-hoo, Bana!! Talk about Speedy Gonzales!! I won't ask you, "How did you DO that?" cos I wouldn't understand anyway! It now seems to me that all we need is for you to take over as Head Programmer of this forum program to make the thing work sensibly, lol!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friend!! This has taken a big weight off a ill guy's mind!

Bless you for the work you do here!!

- BM