Server downtime cause


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Server downtime cause

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica] This morning at roughly 6am EST, our datacenter was hit by a very large DDOS Attack, about 1gb/s. They were able to get the network partially back online at roughly 10:15am EST. Due the the attack, the datacenter is getting an upgraded ddos protection unit shipped to my hosting company asap to combat these types of attacks. The attack surfaced again shortly after the datacenter got the network live once more around 10:30am. At the current moment, the network is mostly back up and running. There is still a small packet loss right now until it is fully resolved.[/FONT]
Curtis at amnhosting will be optimizing the server for board performance. Then I'll be activating my 'just expired' but valid license at vBulletin and upgrading our forum to eliminate a few XSS bugs. So we might experience another small downtime.

Sorry about that.